Youth and Politics

Madhu Babu. K, Contact me in 08105837859, Adolescence And Backroom Adolescence are adolescent bearing of the country. They comedy a basic role in the development of country. A acclaimed biographer Sri Sri(Srirangam Srinivas)said that “Our country is not in the easily of apathetic and besmirched old politicians,this country is ours i. e youth”. A country with acceptable political government is said to be developed country. But politicians are misbehaving. They are mainly focussing on earning profits and apathy development of bodies as welll as country. Everyone is cogent that “Politics is corrupted. But backroom is not corrupted. Politicians are corrupted”. Earlier accepted bodies are abashed of policemen. But now policemen are abashed of politicians. We appetite politicians like Shyam Prasad Mukherjee,Dr. B. R. Ambedkar,Abdul Kalam,lal Bahdur Shastry,Kamraj Nadar,Prakasam Panthulu etc. to annihilate bribery and additionally for development of country. Generally bodies acclimated to acquaint “Youth is spoiled. But baby is Politics”. Adolescence should accompany easily to access backroom to assure our country from old orrupting politicians. Adolescence accept the accommodation to do anything. Adolescence should be encouraged to access politics. This is accessible abandoned by educational institutions. A compulsoy accountable about backroom should be alien in colleges to actualize a admiration amid adolescent bearing to access politics. In antiquarian canicule a adolescent from every famil y will accompany aggressive army to assure their kingdom. Similarly a apprentice from anniversary educational academy should access backroom to assure and advance our country. Ther are colleges for Engineering,Medicine,Management etc. Why can’t we accept a academy for politics? Everyone is cogent that Educatin gives knowledge. Backroom with knowledgabie adolescence will advance to development of the country. But adolescence are applying their ability in alternative fields. Every student/youth is cogent that they will become Engineer or Doctor. But no one is cogent that “they will become POLITICIAN”. Though our country is said to be Democratic,it is in the easily of politicians and their families. The arrangement of giving political seata to his/her ancestors or ancestors if he/she(politician) is asleep should be changed. Some politicians are application Adolescence for actionable activities. So adolescence should be acquainted about them. Because of those politicians adolescence are additionally accepting corrupted. For a abiding government Adolescence should access politics. Adolescence should not admix with besmirched politicians. By giving opportunities to adolescence new account can be generated and bigger solutions can be acquired for circuitous problems. There is retirement for every job. But politicians are not afterward retirement. Hence a slight modification charge be fabricated in our architecture that “Any baby-kisser who are aloft 65 years charge be retired from his position” Though politicians with added age accept acquaintance and booty bigger decisions the position should be accustomed to his subordinates based on the acquaintance afterwards retirement of his/her post. Adolescence are voting at age of 18. Why can’t they appearance absorption to access backroom by age 21? Youth should be accustomed adventitious by all political parties to access politics. A assertive catch in backroom should be accustomed compulsorily to adolescence in politics. Not abandoned adolescence abandoned can advance country. But adolescence with some accomplished Politicians will be accessible to advance country. Let us bethink the words of Sri Rabindranath Tagore. He wrote in “Gtanjali” that he wants to see our country “as heaven area there is no ego hurtings,one being will not abduct others,every being is blessed and alive happily”. To accomplish our country “Sujalm,Suphalam,Matharam”Youth should access Politics.

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