Your mock interview paper should include:

Select an adopted accompaniment or federal official (legislator) and appraise this legislator’s position on a accepted bloom affliction bill of your choice. Following the appointment guidelines below, advance an account cardboard as if you were activity to account the legislator. Please note: A accepted bloom bill is a bill that is actively activity through the aldermanic action and has not become law yet.

Your apish account cardboard should include:

  • A description of the legislator’s accomplishments and history of political involvement
  • A abundant arbitrary of the legislator’s accepted political involvement, basic groups, cardinal of agreement in office, board responsibilities, and alternative administration experiences
  • A description of the legislator’s accepted action calendar or administrative interest
  • 3–4 key account questions that chronicle to the bloom affliction bill (legislation) you accept chosen
  • Mock answers to your account questions. Investigate the answers to your account questions by attractive at the legislator’s website, calling the legislator’s appointment and speaking with a affiliate of the staff, and/or attractive for advice and quotes that chronicle to the legislator’s position on the legislation
  • Critical insights, analysis, and claimed reflection
  • APA architecture (6th ed.), able grammar, and references as appropriate

The apish account cardboard should be at atomic 3–4 pages of agreeable (excluding the appellation and advertence pages), typed in Times New Roman application 12-point font, and double-spaced with 1" margins. The awning folio and references are not counted as agreeable pages.

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