Your facilitator will assign a case study scenario from the Week Five Case Studies document. You are a new manager appointed to find a solution to the challenges presented in the scenario.

Your facilitator will accredit a case abstraction book from the Week Five Case Studies document. You are a new administrator appointed to acquisition a band-aid to the challenges presented in the scenario.

Use the accomplish of the controlling activity apropos your assigned scenario.

Create a 7- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that addresses the following:

  • Identify the purpose.
    • Identify the challenges of actuality a manager.
  • Set the criteria.
    • Explain the goals you appetite to accomplish as a manager.
  • Weight the criteria.
    • Explain the goals in adjustment of accent as a manager.
  • Seek alternatives.
    • Analyze another accoutrement a administrator can use to actuate staff.
    • Analyze how a baton can use these accoutrement to actuate staff.
    • Explain how leaders and managers actuate agents differently.
    • Explain tips managers can use to empower staff.
  • Test alternatives.
    • Analyze how absolute clay can be acclimated in this book and the alternatives accessible for modeling.
    • Analyze how managers can absorb mentorship into circadian responsibilities.
  • Troubleshoot.
    • Explain how to abode attrition from staff.
    • Explain the issues that may impede the accomplishment of goals.
  • Evaluate the action.
    • Evaluate how goals will be abstinent to ensure success.
    • Analyze the ethical considerations in administering and management.
    • Explain alternative administering decisions that charge be advised in the book to advance agent morale.
    • Analyze how the success of the decisions will be measured.

Cite a minimum of 5 references.

Format your presentation according to APA guidelines.

Case Scenario 

The Director Team at St. Francis Nursing Home hasbeen asked to actualize and apparatus a affairs to absorb nurses. Nursing agents collectively acquainted that their administering did not absolutely accept a nurse’s job duties and did not accommodate a way for the nurses to allotment their apropos about the assignment environment. Assurance is low, and nurses accept been resigning at a accelerated pace. They are currently at a about-face amount of 22%.  

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