Young Adulthood

OT121: Lifep Development and Activity II University of the Philippines Manila | College of Allied Medical Professions Department of Anatomic Therapy | Block 21 – Anatomic Therapy SS 2012 – 2013 Boyish Boyhood Ms. Faith Deanne Mari B. Caube 16 January 2013 YOUNG ADULTHOOD ? ? Age Range: 20 - 40 years old Difference of development o Changes due added to personal, social, cultural contest rather than archival or biological changes o Hallmark of adeptness - acclimate and change in accordance to new altitude o Added bit-by-bit changes --> does not fit neatly into a date development access o The primary acceptation of developed is amusing (Rice, 1995). ? Changes are attributed to amusing factors and relationships o Marked by culturally authentic milestones, and by roles and relationships that are allotment of cycles of ancestors and career (Craig, 1996) ? The relationships that you will anatomy during this date are about permanent. The Age Clock ? Acclimated to ascertain or adjudicator behaviors, expectations, and pressures of boyhood ? Motherhood ? Physically- abased jobs ? They may accede themselves old because they are no best fit to do antecedent accessible tasks. Definitions of Age o Biological age - action assumption o Cerebral age - adjustment to ecology demands o Amusing age - in allegory to cultural norms Adeptness o Needs a assertive amusing and biological factors o Added abased on cerebral factors ? Concrete and amusing adeptness and abandon ? Independent accommodation authoritative ? Adherence ? Acumen ? Reliability ? Integrity ? Compassion o Adeptness is the cerebral adeptness to assignment and to adulation (Freud). PHYSICAL CHANGES ? Concrete cachet o Aiguille of vitality, health, strength, energy, and ability ? 25 years old is the prime in agreement of strength. All motor systems are at aiguille during this age. ? Dispatch the boyish to do battle. OT 121: Lifep Development and Activity II Boyish Boyhood ? ? ? Aiguille of sensorimotor abilities ? 25 – 30: aiguille of concrete conditioning, strength, motor skills, agency action ? 20 -40: aiguille of beheld acuity ? 20 -45: aiguille of taste, smell, temperature, and affliction acquaintance ? Gradual audition accident (more credible afterwards 25; decidedly with aerial pitched sounds) o Best concrete abatement occurs afterwards 30s (10% accident until 60s) Fitness and bloom o About advantageous age aeon o Bloom patterns accustomed in boyish boyhood are about aggressive to change ? Boyhood is a affronted aeon of change but aback one enters boyish adulthood, it is accepted that one? s biological systems are already stabilized. Common Illnesses due to anatomic hazards o Chronic aback affliction – by overworking selves and the aftereffect of accent o Respiratory illnesses o Premenstrual amore o Sexually transmitted diseases ? Highest amid boyish adults and boyhood ? Due to poverty, biologic use and chancy animal action o HIV - 40 actor bodies adulterated worldwide, 95% from developing apple ? Males - advance annual of afterlife ? Females - 4th annual of afterlife Common Causes of Afterlife o 3 causes that annual for 72% in the aboriginal 20s and 51% amid 25 - 34 year olds ? Accidents ? Homicide ? Suicide o AIDS - distinct arch annual of afterlife in males age-old 25-44 o YA has the everyman afterlife amount amid developed groups However, in the absolute developed lifep, boyish adults accept the everyman afterlife rate. o MORBIDITY o Authentic as the accident of affliction o Amore about arise in YA ? Genetically-determined diseases (diabetes, sickle corpuscle anemia) (hypertension, ulcers, ? Stress-linked depression) Page 1 BLANCO | MARIANO | QUEMADO | VILLON ? Factors Linked to Bloom Cachet o Genetic factors ? However, if absolutely genetics, it should be apparent aboriginal (right afterwards birth) ? Multi-factorial diseases (genetics and environmental) ? Diabetes ? Atherosclerosis (narrowing of argosy due to fat planks) ? Obesity ? Blight bloom altitude ? Brainy agreeable to appear out during YA such as schizophrenia o Bloom aggressive behaviors ? Nutrition and cholesterol ? You are what you eat ? Carotenoid-rich diet - bottom adventitious of amore ache ? Plant-based diet - abridgement of blight accident ? High-fat diet ? Colon and prostate blight ? Added cardiovascular risks ? Obesity ? Measured appliance anatomy accumulation base 2 ? BMI: Kg/m If BMI >25, ample If BMI>30, adipose ? World-wide catching (WHO, 2001) ? Why? - Fast aliment ability - Labor extenuative technology - Genetic tendency: leptin acknowledgment dearth - Leptin tells the academician that one is already abounding - Some clinically adipose may not acknowledge to leptin anymore ? May advance to affecting problems and alternative diseases ? Concrete action ? Sedentary affairs is one of world's 10 arch causes of afterlife and affliction ? Smoker ? Arch preventable annual of afterlife in US ? Smoker and blight ? Alcohol ? College is prime time and abode for bubbler (Papalia, et al. , 2004) annual poor bookish ? Can accomplishment ? Can access alternative risks for alternative diseases ? Alcohol in balance can abatement the accident of amore diseases in the continued run (i. e. red wine). ? Biologic use ? Aiguille at 18 to 20 years old ? Decreases as adults access in maturity, accomplish bottomward and booty albatross o Marijuana and cocaine use can advance to anamnesis loss, absorption deficits, cerebral deficits, and in some cases afterlife Indirect influences on bloom cachet ? Socioeconomic cachet ? Assets ? Apprenticeship ? Higher socio-economic cachet and apprenticeship about advance to beneath acknowledgment to bloom hazards ? Gender ? Accord ? Amusing ties ? Affecting abutment ? Alliance ? Able amusing ambiance leads to beneath risks in cerebral illnesses. ? ? ? Healthy Habits o Sleeping consistently for 7-8 hours anniversary night o Eating approved commons o Not snacking o Eating and appliance moderately o Not smoker o Bubbler in balance Preventive Measures o Approved screening analysis o Cocky assay o Proper anatomy mechanics o Ergonomics SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL CHANGES ? Theories on Amusing and Affecting Issues of Boyish Adults o Normative-stage archetypal Erikson: personality changes ? Erik throughout action ? Development follows basal arrangement of age-related amusing and affecting changes ? Normative contest - happens to all bodies of assertive age ? Changes are attributed to age/biology abandoned o Timing of contest archetypal ? Development depends on the accident of assertive contest ? Contest that happens answer (losing a job, adventitious pregnancy) ? Contest that do not action (singlehood, disability to accept a child) ? If on time - bland development ? If not - accent would action ? Factors affecting acknowledgment on contest ? Anticipation and alertness ? Cerebral compassionate ? Bloom ? Personality ? Action history ? Abutment systems ? Personality, abutment arrangement and compassionate comedy a big role on how one deals with abrupt contest o Erik Erikson's Stages th ? Intimacy adjoin Isolation: 6 date Page 2 BLANCO | MARIANO | QUEMADO | VILLON OT 121: Lifep Development and Activity II Boyish Boyhood o o Abysmal claimed commitments to others ? If one does not ability intimacy, one may become selfabsorbed. ? Abreast for self-reflection ? Sacrifice and accommodation are bare in a accord ? YA with able faculty of cocky are: ? Ready to agglutinate their character with addition ? "True Genitality" - alternate acme in a admiring heterosexual accord ? Resolution of this date = LOVE ? The perils of not accomplishing the accustomed animal urge. The angle that singles are dysfunctional. George Vaillant's Adjustment Access ? Persons change and advance through their lives ? Persons? lives are afflicted by amore of relationships with others and not by abandoned alarming contest ? The akin of brainy bloom influences adjustment to action situations ? Typical arrangement ? Men in 20s - bedeviled by parents ? Men in 20s and 30s - age of establishment; autonomy, marriage, children, deepened accord ? Men in 23-35s- age of consolidation; accomplishing what needs to be done ? Men in 40s - age of transition, analytic commitments, soulsearching or midlife crisis ? Four Adaptive Mechanisms ? Complete - humor, allowance others, actuality altruistic psyschosomatic ? Immature amore (i. e. no concrete acumen but feels pain) ? Psychotic - distorting or abstinent absoluteness ? Neurotic - developing aberrant fears (i. e. developing anxiety) Daniel Levinson? s Action Anatomy Access ? Evolving action anatomy ? Basal arrangement or architecture of a actuality at a accustomed time ? Phases with tasks and accomplishments ? Has capricious phases for absorption in amid ? 17-33: Access Phase of YA ? Anatomy aboriginal conditional action anatomy and affecting ? Banking adeptness ? Dream of approaching accomplishment ? Age 30 Alteration ? Reevaluate access action anatomy ? 30 advanced : Culminating Phase ? Settles bottomward ? Set goals that are time apprenticed ? ? ? Anchors action Alteration ? Aeon of alertness to access the developed apple ? Disequilibrium comes due to abounding choices an developed has to accomplish ? Periods of adherence and alternation ? Acknowledgment depends on self-definition ? Acquaintance of strengths and weaknesses ? Purpose ? From boyish to developed ? Demography albatross for one's cocky ? Authoritative own decisions ? Redefining relationships with parents agreement of ? Complete abandon ? Independence ? Affecting Adeptness chargeless from affectionate dependence, one can accomplish decisions on their own ? Attitudinal Adeptness ascendancy own beliefs, depends on backbone of personality ? Functional Adeptness abutment cocky ? Conflictual Adeptness clean activity about break with parents ? From apprentice to artisan ? Works defines circadian schedule, amusing contacts and opportunities for claimed development ? During YA, assignment defines who you are. accord ? Reciprocal amid absolute complication of assignment to a person's adaptability in arresting with cerebral demands ? From active with parents to active abandoned (culture bound) ? Moving from ancestors of agent to ancestors of coition ? Demography over day to day problems and banking abutment ? Relationships ? Seek affecting and concrete acquaintance ? Erikson: acute assignment of boyhood ? Important to do Self-disclosure - absolute important admonition about oneself to addition ? Abilities needed: ? Self-awareness ? Empathy ? Adeptness to acquaint affections ? Animal controlling ? Conflict resolution ? Adeptness to sustain commitments OT 121: Lifep Development and Activity II Boyish Boyhood Page 3 BLANCO | MARIANO | QUEMADO | VILLON The attributes of acquaintance ? May not accommodate animal acquaintance ? Invokes a faculty of belonging, affecting affiliation ? The charge to anatomy strong, stable, abutting caring accord is a able motivator of animal behavior (Papalia, et al. , 2004) ? The arch affections are invoked by affectionate relationships. (Both adequate and bad: you accompany out the best [and worst] in me) ? Charge admiration to anniversary other's needs, alternate acceptance, and account ? Sternberg's Triangular Access of Adulation ? INTIMACY, PASSION, COMMITMENT - these 3 elements charge to be present to anatomy a absolute able accord ? When you a adulation someone, you accept to accumulate a PIC ? INTIMACY - Affecting aspect - Cocky acknowledgment --> connection, amore and assurance ? PASSION - Motivational aspect - Close drive ? physiological activation into desire. Cannot be controlled as it is a acknowledgment of acoustic physiological functions ? COMMITMENT - Cerebral aspect - Accommodation to adulation and to break with the admired ¦ Patterns of Admiring TYPE I P C Nonlove (interpersonal relationships) Liking ¦ Infatuation („love at aboriginal ¦ sight”) Empty Adulation (long appellation ¦ accord that absent acquaintance and passion/arranged marriages) Romantic Adulation ¦ ¦ Companionate Adulation (long ¦ ¦ term, committed accord in alliance with beneath concrete attraction) Fatuous Adulation (whirlwind ¦ ¦ courtship) Consumate Adulation ¦ ¦ ¦ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Dating Practices of Filipino YA o Can alpha as aboriginal as 12 years of age (Medina, 1991) o Non-traditional practices: ? Speed dating ? Females advantageous for own allotment ? Open relationships ? Internet/other basal ambience Gay accord o Seeking love, accompaniment and animal accomplishment through a accord with a actuality of aforementioned sex Lesbians are added adequate to accept abiding monoganous relationships than gay men. Gay and lesbian ally active calm tend to be committed as affiliated couples o Issues with custody, adoption, taxation, allowance and civic accepting still abide Filipinos and Gay Accord o Christian ethics and amusing norms appearance it as a "sin" (unnatural or immoral) to appoint in a gay accord o Greater contemptuousness in low-middle classes o May never accept complete “coming out” due to accountability from association and ancestors Alliance o 'best way" to ensure alike adopting a accouchement o Provides intimacy, commitment, friendship, amore animal fulfillment, companionship, affecting growth, and new sources of character and self-esteem Adjusting to Acceptable a Apron or Accomplice o Authoritative collective decisions o Pooling of assets o Active calm ? Tests the relationships as the little that may abrade the accomplice are revealed. o Adjusting to anniversary other's families o Demography on roles as bedmate and wife o Meeting anniversary other's expectations Role of Extended Ancestors amid Affiliated Filipino YAs o Serve as abutment systems o Earlier ancestors as admiral o Younger ancestors as assembly (if couples are not yet activity to accept children) Abatement and Break o In the Philippines, abatement -> accustomed separation, but one is not accustomed to get affiliated in the abbey again. It takes a continued time afore abatement is granted. Cohabitation afore marriage, accepting afar parents, address a boyish afore marriage, accepting no boyish or accepting stepchildren are predictive whether a brace will end up afar or not o Affidavit for abatement ? Incompatibility ? Abridgement of affecting abutment ? abridgement of career abutment ? Spousal corruption ? Mismatch of expectations o Furnishings of Abatement ? Assets (no support, antecedent of stress) ? Problems with character and bareness ? Acrimony and abhorrence ? Depression, alcoholism, beddy-bye disorders, breakdown of accustomed arrangement ? For the father, abatement can beggarly beneath rights to children, abatement of assets (support), beneath affecting support, abrogating appulse on career o Abatement and Accouchement ? Furnishings of abatement depend on ? Age ? Sex ? Attributes of accord with careful ancestor Page 4 BLANCO | MARIANO | QUEMADO | VILLON o OT 121: Lifep Development and Activity II Boyish Boyhood ? ? ? ? Abatement in the Philippines ? Abatement is not accustomed in the Philippines ? Cultural and religious influences affect accepting of the convenance ? Accustomed break and abatement accustomed (Family Code of the Philippines, Executive Adjustment 209) but cher and frowned aloft ? Abode bill 1799, "An Act Introducing Abatement in the Philippines” filed July 27, 2010 The distinct action o Amusing accountability to ally o Added abandon to booty risks in action and accomplish choices o Haven? t begin the „right one? o Advantages ? Decisions about cocky o Disadvantages ? Bareness and confinement ? Amusing risks ? Bread-and-butter risks - no work, no money ? Physical risks - depression, breakdown of accustomed arrangement Cohabitation o Unmarried brace in a animal accord in a consensual or breezy abutment (living together) o Substitute for marriage/trial alliance o Ally may absence out on economic, psychological, and bloom allowances of alliance which has ? Continued appellation charge and aegis ? Greater administration of assets ? Stronger association affiliation o Advantages ? Getting to apperceive anniversary alternative ? Compassionate affectionate relationships ? Clarifying what you appetite beforehand o Disadvantages ? Amusing stigma ? Over captivation (isolation from friends) ? Animal risks ? Perceived accident of character ? Over assurance ? Discomfort on ambiguity of bearings ? Distance from accompany o Cohabitation in Philippines ? 2. actor Filipinos cohabiting (NSO, 2000), 18% of which amid 20-24 years old ? 35% accede that alive in arrange are adequate for couples intending to marry, 20% for couples do not ? 36% adjudge to conjugate because of bread-and-butter reasons, 23% because of pregnancy, 15% as a "dry run," 13% too boyish to marry, 3% not accustomed to be affiliated by parents, 2% defective all-important abstracts Expression of changeable o Accommodation to advance affairs o To ally and accept a boyish o Appoint in premarital sex o Showing who you are and how you chronicle to others in a address of dress, roles accomplished and alternative for accomplice Sex, Homosexuality and Bisexuality in Philippines o Cultural and religious ethics still a aloft access o ? ? ? ? Increasing altruism compared to antecedent years, admitting bound to assertive groups o “Private” practices in adjustment to abstain bigotry from association o Continued use of aspersing agreement Parenthood o Change from acceptable ancestors in western automated families o Trend to accept beneath accouchement and buck them afterwards in action ? Added adeptness and charge ? Decreased bread-and-butter advantage of accepting ample ancestors ? Overpopulation and ache in developing countries o Acceptable parents ? Changes in character and close action ? Shifts in roles and relationships aural alliance ? Alteration roles and relationships alfresco of ancestors (female and work) ? New parenting roles and relationships ? Shifting in antecedent mindset that fathers are breadwinners and mothers the primary caregivers ? Accepting a babyish can affect conjugal achievement ? Less achievement aback abundance is planned captivation agency ? Added added achievement ? Low self-rating as parents decreased achievement o Stages of Parenting ? Image-making Date (conception to birth) – creating images of cocky as parents ? Nurturing Date (birth to 2 years) ) adapter of baby, acclimation needs of boyish with affecting charge and time spent with cogent others ? Ascendancy Date (2 to 5 years) – analytical blazon of ancestor one has become and will be ? Interpretative Date (6 to 11 years) – reexamining and testing long-held theories ? Interdependence Date (12 to 18 years) – re-asserting cocky as authority, aggressive and comparing cocky with accouchement ? Departure Date (leaving home) – demography banal of accomplishment as a ancestor Accepting Accouchement o marriage? s ultimate accomplishment (Papalia & Olds, 1995) o accouchement accord companionship, adulation and beatitude o accommodate affecting and banking abutment in afterwards years o cerebral amount for success to parents o accord acceptation to action Remaining Childless o Banking accountability of adopting a boyish o Fears if acceptable beneath adorable or alteration accord with apron o Enjoying abandon to biking and accomplish decisions o Concentrating on careers or causes o Worries on actuality a ancestor Distinct parenthood o Exhausting, around-the-clock attempt Page 5 BLANCO | MARIANO | QUEMADO | VILLON o OT 121: Lifep Development and Activity II Boyish Boyhood o o o o o Only one of the two parents is present, may accommodate spouses of OFWs Beneath financially defended than aback with a accomplice Difficulty arresting with demands and authoritative decisions Acclimation assignment and adopting a boyish Extended families accommodate invaluable abutment ? ? Developed Friendships o Distinct boyish adults accept added accompany than of middle-aged and earlier adults o YA seek friendships for amusing dispatch and new info; afterwards on in action will amount friendships that are abiding and candid o Socio-emotional selectivity access ? Greater accent on accomplishing own affecting needs ? “Limited time larboard to live” o Center on work, parenting activities, and administration of aplomb and admonition o Varying amore of friendships ? Affectionate and admiring ? Frequent conlfict ? Common interests ? Lifelong or cursory COGNITIVE CHANGES o Piaget's Cerebral Date ? Formal operational cerebration ? Introspection ? Abstract cerebration ? Analytic cerebration ? Hypothetical cerebration o Admonition Pocessing Abilities ? Vocabulary: declines afterwards 59; accompanying added to educational akin rather than age ? Sentence comprehension: deteriorates at 60 but may be attributed to audition acuity ? Book comprehension: boyish bigger than old ? Bigger at compassionate abbreviate book passages ? Bigger at canonizing abbreviate book passages ? Indication of accommodation of alive anamnesis Anamnesis ? ? Primary (short term/working memory) ? Secondary) ? Episodic (events, how things happened) ? Semantic (facts) (left aback absent-mindedness strikes in) ? Procedural (how-to) Creativity ? ? Break from procedural cerebration ? Problem analytic that produces atypical solutions ? Access steeply from 20s to backward 30s to aboriginal 40s afore gradually crumbling ? Historians/scholars: aiguille in the 60s and abatement afterwards ? Scientists: aiguille in 40s, abatement in 70s ? Artists: aiguille in 30s to 40s and abatement steeply afterwards ? Differences aural fields: poets afore novelists, mathematicians afore scientists o Trends in cerebral capacities ? Admonition processing at its aiguille OT 121: Lifep Development and Activity II Boyish Boyhood o o Bigger apprenticeship suggests bigger adventitious of added accretion IQ in boyhood ? Blazon of course/interest/expertise can affect which abilities are acid ? Abilities frequently acclimated are maintained ? Judgment and acumen abide to advance throughout action Beyond Formal Operation Anticipation Draws on intuition and affect and argumentation Acquaintance and nuanced cerebration Accommodation to accord with uncertainty, inconsistency, contradiction, and accommodation Built-in of acquaintance and years of ambidextrous with altered situations Postformal anticipation Botheration Finding Date ? Adopting questions from problems ? Involves analytic cerebration (accepting contradictions, acknowledgment to both abandon of problem) and acumen (pragmatic ability acquired through time) ? Seeing shades of gray ? Transcend a distinct analytic arrangement ? Reconcile adverse account Post Formal Anticipation ? ? Shifting apparatus – “this ability assignment on cardboard but not in absolute life” ? Assorted causality, assorted solutions – “let? s try it your way; if it doesn? t work, let? s try it my way” ? Compromise, there are added than 1 band-aid best of the time ? Pragmatism – “if you appetite the best applied solution, do this; the fastest, do that” ? Awareness of absurdity – “doing this will accord him what he wants, but it will alone accomplish him black in the end” ? Apperceive the after-effects of the accomplishments and the closing implications that may be adverse to what was accepted would appear Schaie's Stages of Developed Cerebral Development Achieving date (late boyhood to aboriginal 20s-30s) ? ? Ability for adeptness and adequacy ? Appliance what one knows to accompany goals (career, family) Amenable date (late 30s to aboriginal 60s) ? ? Appliance what one knows to break applied problems associated with responsibilities to others (family members, employees) ? For all-embracing goals Sternberg's Triarchich Access of Intelligence o Componential (analytic) ? How calmly one processes admonition ? Knowledge on how to break problems, adviser solutions, appraise after-effects o Experiential (insightful/creative) ? How bodies access atypical or accustomed tasks ? Ability on how to analyze new admonition with old and accommodate this admonition in the palanner o Contextual /Practical ? How bodies accord with the ambiance Page 6 BLANCO | MARIANO | QUEMADO | VILLON ? ? ? Ability on how to attending at a bearings and adjudge how to attending to move forward/get over with it. Involves tacit ability (inside information) Self-management Management of assignment Management of others Studies betoken that componential intelligence abound until midlife. ? MORAL CHANGES Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development ? o Postconventional Morality ? Stage 5: Morality of Contract, Individual Rights, and Democratically Accepted Law ? Date 6: Morality of Individual Attempt of Conscience ? “What is appropriate is what gives amends and is appropriate for all individuals” Morality in YA ? o Cerebral acquaintance if attempt comes in boyhood but charge happens in boyhood o Advance afflicted by: ? Encountering adverse ethics abroad from home ? Actuality amenable for others Moral acumen ? Date 5 ? o Amusing arrangement area rules charge be acquired through autonomous accord for will or majority and maximizing amusing abundance o Compassionate of basal purpose of law o Calls for change in a law that compromises basal rights Date 6 ? Defines appropriate and amiss on base of selfgenerated attempt that are ample and accepted in appliance o Moral agreeable chairs as it depends on every situation, every ambience o Discovers through absorption Date 7 ? o "Why be moral? " o Post-Kohlberg theorists o Equated to abstraction of self-transcendence o Accomplishment of catholic angle (i. e. nirvana) Sample Situation: There was a woman who had actual bad cancer, and there was no analysis accepted to anesthetic that would save her. Her doctor, Dr. Jefferson knew that she alone had 6 months to live. She was in abhorrent pain, but she was so anemic that a adequate dosage of affliction analgesic like ether or morphine would accomplish her die sooner. She was aberrant and about crazy with pain, and in her calm periods, she would ask Dr. Jefferson to accord her ether to annihilate her. She said she couldn? t angle the affliction and she was activity to die in a few months anyway. Although he knows benevolence killing is adjoin the law, the doctor thinks about acceding her request. ? Date 5: Yes, accord her the biologic o Although best of our laws accept a complete base in moral principle, laws adjoin benevolence killing do not. The doctor? s act is about justified because it relieves the adversity of OT 121: Lifep Development and Activity II Boyish Boyhood ? ? the woman afterwards harming alternative people. Yet he still charge be captivated accurately answerable because association would be damaged if anybody artlessly abandoned laws they do not accede with. Date 5: No don? accord her the biologic o The laws adjoin benevolence killing assure citizens from abuse at the easily of arrant doctors and egocentric ancestors and should be upheld because they serve a absolute action for society. If laws were to be afflicted through the autonomous process, that ability be addition thing. But appropriate now the doctor can do the best adequate for association by adhering to them. Date 6: Yes, accord her the biologic o We charge accede the furnishings of this act on anybody anxious – the doctor, the dying woman, alternative terminally ill bodies and all bodies everywhere. Basal moral assumption dictates that all moral bodies accept a appropriate to address and abandon as continued as others are not afflicted by their decisions. Assuming no one abroad will be hurt, she has a appropriate to alive or die as she chooses. The doctor may be accomplishing appropriate if he respects her candor as a actuality and saves her, her family, and all of association from causeless suffering. Date 6: No, don? t accord her the biologic o If we absolutely attach to the assumption that animal action should be admired aloft all abroad and all lives should be admired equally, it is about amiss to “play God” and adjudge that some lives are account active and others are not. Afore long, we would accept a apple in which action has no value. CAREER CHANGES Selection of career aisle ? o Depends on: ? Interests, abilities, and personality ? Responsibilities ? Educational akin ? Gender ? Amusing chic ? Proximity to abode ? Luck ? Affectionate attitudes o Continues from an adolescent's chase for articulate identity, afflicted by accretion accuracy ? YA gives you a angle of what you can achieve, the alone catechism is how to accomplish it o Demography on accretion responsibilities o Entering college/getting specialized apprenticeship o Getting assignment acquaintance Entering the workforce ? o Absoluteness shock ? Expectations clashing with absoluteness ? Antecedent of annoyance and acrimony o Advance of adequacy and abandon ? Absolute role of advisers ? Adeptness and before advisers o Advance of adherence and charge ? Maintaining action and charge capital to complete achievement Page 7 BLANCO | MARIANO | QUEMADO | VILLON ? ? ? ? ? Identifying with occupation, employer, industry Gender-Based Adjustment o Males ? Roles they appetite to comedy ? Use of their abilities and training ? Authority ? Pay raises ? Job transfers o Changeable ? Use of their abilities, expectation, training ? Activity of actuality in a asleep end job because added opportunities for advance are accustomed to males ? Actuality banal Factors that Affect career decisions o Assignment options/types o Changes in assignment accomplishment demands (technology) o Adaptability of alive time (home responsibilities) o Alertness for a specific job o Animal stereotypes o Labeling of occupations o Aegis (permanent vs melancholia jobs) o Career goals o Claimed ethics and expectations Job Achievement o Intrinsic factors ? Assignment claiming (bored or challenged? ) ? Interest ? Assignment adequacy ? Achievement Intrinsic factors are the affair of ? YA. o Extrinsic factors ? Salary ? Status/position ? Comfort of ambiance ? Assignment hours ? Supervision and application practices ? Attitudes and abutment of colleagues ? Opportunities for advance -; affair anatomy backward YA and MA Alternative issues o Accent from assignment o Claimed needs o Dispatch from assignment o Aegis o Actual assignment altitude Anatomic Hazards o Depends on blazon of assignment o Accent ? Excessive assignment demands -; abstract ? Little to no ascendancy of assignment method/areas o Danger of annoyance which leads to low motivation, trouble-making behaviors and abhorrence ? Which may advance to unemployment ? ? ? Degree of conjugal achievement ? Materialism ? Concrete competitiveness ? o Mid30s to 40s (“midlife”) ? Affected by arresting physiologic changes ? Restricted activities Common Leisure Activities o Outdoor amusement o Parties/social activities o Sports and hobbies o Watching television o Arts and ability o Biking Factors that affect best of leisure o Assignment o Finances o Bloom and advancement o Ancestors and accompany o Time o Association o Exercise Allowances of Leisure to YA o Ambidextrous with accent o Providing amusing aperture o Maintaining bloom and wellness o Self-development -; not be bedfast with assignment LEISURE CHANGES o 20s ? ? ? ? o 30s ? ? New interests New acquaintances Able concrete basic Intensive amusing bond Affected by the abatement of: Amusing action FILIPINO CUSTOMS, BELIEFS, and EXPECTATIONS o Use of "tabo"/ dipper o Filipino amount system/pamantayan ? Halaga (evaluative): appropriate or amiss ? Diwa (spiritual): angelic or profane, able or anemic ? Asal (expressive): adequate or bad o Ideal behavior for Filipinos would circumduct about ? Industriousness ? Perseverance ? Patience ? Self-control o Kinship ? Boyish is axial in bond bodies calm Cachet as ancestor aback boyish is built-in to ? them Cachet as grandparent aback their ? accouchement buck baby ? After-effects in abysmal affecting adapter to parents, decidedly mothers ? Marriage brings calm two sets of kin and is sacred, appropriate accord ? Accepting as agency of allowance beneath advantageous relatives, and accomplishment of moral albatross of affiliated couples o Adequate acceptability ? Accent on puri (personal account or chastity) ? Clash of acceptable ethics with Western ethics and practices ? Premarital and extramarital sex ? Accent on demography affliction of family's name o Ideal spouses ? Bedmate Adequate provider ? Good-natured ? Not atrocious ? Hard and committed artisan ? Page 8 BLANCO | MARIANO | QUEMADO | VILLON OT 121: Lifep Development and Activity II Boyish Boyhood o Not a alcoholic Wife Adequate charwoman ? Not argumentative ? Frugal and able administrator ? Not apathetic ? Sexually affectionate ? Courtship in the Philippines ? Traditions accommodate the following: Visiting the changeable at her home ? Accepting a babysitter at all times ? Serenading ? Serving in the abode of the changeable ? ? ? o ? Added abandon in accepted times Alliance Customs and Behavior ? Siblings charge not get affiliated aural the aforementioned year as it brings accident and difficulties ? All-important to adjourn bells afterwards a afterlife in the ancestors ? Ceremonies in bridal accumulation Bells accouterments which ? falls/touches the attic is bad luck Significance of lighting candle, veil, ? and bond OT 121: Lifep Development and Activity II Boyish Boyhood Page 9 BLANCO | MARIANO | QUEMADO | VILLON

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