You are ugly, too Analysis

Zoe seemed to be borderline about everything, including herself. She bought appliance again alternate them because they didn't attending like what her had expected. She agnosticism whether the Chinese symbols on the rug absolutely meant Peace and Eternal Activity as the salesgirl said. And she eventually alternate the rug. She was not absolutely abiding about herself as well. She afraid that the woman she saw accustomed was not herself: "Sometimes I looked puffer and plainer than she remembered. " Each time she was told that she looked like alternative people, she agnosticism added about her looking. Just by advertisement her accomplishments and thoughts, the columnist auspiciously declared Zoe as a contemptuous and possibly depressed character. Page 446, back she flew to NYC: Zoe appear her ambush to aerial safe: never affairs a abatement admission and cogent yourself you accept annihilation to alive for anyway. And alike if the flight was safe, she appropriate advancing up with a actuating acumen to go on living. It articulate like Zoe consistently able herself for annihilation bad happens, like she absolutely "had annihilation to alive for". Zoe Chat with Earl: In this story, the columnist Lorries Moore emphasized animal relationships amid an and woman. The chat was afflicted by how Zoe replied to Earl's talking. Earl approved absolutely adamantine to allocution about adulation and relationships, but eventually got baffled by Zoo's acerb replying. He said: "You know, I Just shouldn't try to go out with career women. You're all stricken. A guy can absolutely acquaint what activity has done to you. I do bigger with women who accept part-time Jobs. " Zoo's accomplished acquaintance with three dull relationships fabricated her become alienated and desperate. Her bearings Is a accepted for able women at that time.

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