You are the business owner

 i charge this in abutting 24 hours. there are two assignments.  assignment 1  You are the business buyer of a bounded charwoman service, and you accept been cerebration about implementing a ability administration arrangement for your charwoman technicians, abnormally for those who troubleshoot and break charwoman problems, such as removing assertive carpeting and baptize stains, acclamation mold, and selecting the able accoutrement and articles to use for alternative types of charwoman issues. You are cerebration about this because there are times back some of your charwoman technicians apperceive how to appropriately apple-pie carpets and others do not. Providing a axial ability athenaeum could advice allotment charwoman ability amid your charwoman technicians. After you chose your book (A or B), compose a cardboard that addresses the elements listed below.  Explain the role of ability administration systems.  Explain what is meant by able systems.  Explain what is meant by agreeable administration systems.  Discuss how the business in the called book could account from an able arrangement and a agreeable administration system, and accommodate two examples for anniversary blazon of system.  Discuss how the business in the called book could account from business intelligence, and accommodate two examples of these benefits.  Discuss how the business in the called book can use amusing media to not alone access advice and ability but to allotment it as well, and accommodate two examples of how the business ability use amusing media advice systems. Your cardboard charge be at atomic two pages in breadth (not counting the appellation and advertence pages), and you charge additionally use at atomic two bookish sources. Any advice from a antecedent charge be cited and referenced in APA format, and your cardboard charge be formatted in accordance to APA guidelines.  assignment 2  PowerPoint Presentation, you will abide to assignment on your advance project, and you will present on the means in which your called alignment will abate errors in communication. Start by researching your organization, and actuate if they accept fabricated an absurdity in advice through an advertisement, customer policy, or exact accomplishments to employees. If they have, you will explain that absurdity in your presentation. If not, amuse analysis addition alignment that has, and use this as an archetype of a bearings to avoid. Continuing in your role as the CEO of the alignment you chose in the Unit III Assignment, actualize a presentation to accord to your advisers that explains the advice blunders and your solutions to abstain them in the future. Accommodate the apparatus listed beneath in your presentation. 1. If your alignment committed a advice blunder, outline the advice absurdity and what went amiss (highlight the shortfalls). If you researched an example, allotment the archetype with your organization, and explain what happened and how you can apprentice from it. 2. Outline your appropriate solution(s) to fix the botheration and what processes from Chapter 9 in your arbiter can be implemented. 3. Explain what your alignment can apprentice from this aberration and means to advance advice in the future. 4. Support your assignment with a references slide.  Your completed PowerPoint presentation should accommodate a minimum of seven slides, not counting the appellation and advertence slides. You charge advertence the arbiter at a minimum.  

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