YOGA Final Reflection Paper

  Be anxious in your writing, and accord specific examples to abutment your perspectives. Please acknowledge to the afterward prompts in a 2-3 folio paper, double-spaced: -Evaluate your advance over the advance of the absolute division in affiliation to asana practice, meditation, pranayama, anatomy, etc. When did you feel best successful? What would you still like to assignment on? Use your account entries for advertence (3 pts) -Describe your affairs for the approaching in affiliation to your yoga and fettle practices. How do you plan to abide your yoga and/or arbitration practice? In what way? Be specific and be honest. (2 pts) -Type up a abbreviate self-practice that you accept done or plan to do. Accommodate the ambition for the practice, pranayama and asana exercises. (2 pts) -Use able bookish formatting, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, bright anatomy and breeze of ideas. (2 pts) -Express a bright claimed angle and opinions through your writing. (1 pt) Please feel chargeless to accommodate any alternative advice that you would like to allotment or animadversion on.

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