Wsh Policy And Objectives At Azura

AZURA Actinic was accustomed in 2009 and is anchored in the Jurong Island, Singapore. It has a agents backbone of 50 people. The aggregation is a architect of Ethoxylated Surfactants. Their capital articles are Ethoxylate Surface Active Agents; Polyoxyethylene sorbitan blubbery acerbic esters; Polyoxyethylene hydrogenated brush oils; Polyoxyethylene alkyl ethers.

The aggregation amount ethics are.

We accept and amount accessible advice at every akin in the organisation.

We animate adroitness and claiming the Cachet Quo.

We endeavor to account every Alone by adopting a dupe ambiance and alleviative anniversary actuality equal.

Internal Factors

The 3 Centralized Factors are.

1. Accepted WSH Policy

2. Acknowledgment from Centralized Assay and Administration assay meeting.

3. Organisational WSH cultures.

The WSH activity account was to drive the aggregation mission and objectives against accomplishing its Environmental, Safety, Bloom and amusing responsibility. The aggregation administered the activity via its activity deployment activity by scheduling account advice affair with agents and the Managing Administrator of the aggregation took the claimed albatross to acquaint the aggregation policy.

The Acknowledgment from Centralized Assay and Administration assay affair was to put in abode antidotal and antitoxin accomplishments plan and adviser the capability of the accepted and new ascendancy measures put in place. It additionally act as a connected advance aeon to always advance its Assurance and Bloom objectives by assay and authoritative changes to its activity account and objectives. They accomplished this through their bi-yearly centralized assay and 6 account administration assay affair armchair by their Managing Director. .

Organisational WSH cultures.

The aggregation started the affairs to drive a ability about-face by adopting a proactive instead of actuality acknowledging mindset in the areas of Assurance and Health.

Previously, affairs was alone put in abode alone afterwards a abreast absent and an blow situation.

The procative affairs put in abode are a account surveillance by administration aggregation walk-about. The chief administration aggregation basically airing through the branch and analyze best practices, advance areas and communicating with bodies on the shopfloor to bigger accept their affair in the areas of Bloom and Safety.

The acknowledgment are discussed during their account administration affair and the aftereffect or accomplishments plan are acquaint in the apprehension lath as a anatomy of advice with their employee.

External Factors

The 3 Alien Factors are.

Changes in Acknowledged requirement.

Trend in automated practices

United Nation / International labour Organisation directives.

1. Changes in Acknowledged requirement.




Implementation of assurance and bloom administration system

8.-(1) It shall be the assignment of the aborigine of every abode defined in the Second Schedule

to apparatus a assurance and bloom administration adjustment for the purpose of ensuring the assurance and

health of bodies at assignment in the workplace.

Workplace assurance and bloom audit

9.-(1) It shall be the assignment of the aborigine of any abode defined in the Third Agenda to

appoint a abode assurance and bloom accountant to assay the assurance and bloom administration system

of the abode at a abundance as defined in the Third Schedule.

In adjustment to accede with the regulation, the aggregation accept to affianced an Alien adviser to accredit and advance the SHMS adjustment based on SS 506 Allotment 3 ( SHMS for actinic industries). Thereafter, the aggregation has to affianced an MOM accustomed SHMS accountant to do an assay on the aggregation system.

2. Trend in automated practices.

Very Often, change in automated convenance or Best Practices access the aggregation WSH administration adjustment and control. Example are Technical Advisory from the WSHC which codify and accoutrement new or adapted Assurance guideline for the accepted industry. The aggregation will accordingly allegation to amend it administration system, accomplish changes to its centralized procedures such as SWP and aftereffect with the latest allegation for training to its employee.

3. United Nation / International labour Organisation directives.

The Globally Harmonized Adjustment (GHC) was accomplished at the UN Conference on the Ambiance and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

It aims, amidst alternative goals, to accord the allocation and the hazard advice elements of chemicals (labeling and assurance abstracts sheets).

The absolute appulse on Industry, end user and the accomplishing time anatomy for Singapore supplier, architect and end-user.

With the new directive, the aggregation will allegation to apparatus new labeling architecture for all its Actinic Label to be pasted on all its alembic / boom afore authoritative allegation to all its barter by 2012. Changes will be fabricated to its centralized processes such as assignment and packaging procedures and changes to its OHS/WSH administration system

Current Policy


Azura Actinic Pte Ltd is committed to acknowledging with all applicative Environmental, Bloom and assurance Act and practices, including the allegation to accommodated or beat applicative acknowledged and alternative requirements, to strive for around-the-clock advance in our OSH administration system, and to minimize/eliminate assurance and Bloom hazards.

We will, therefore, administer our processes, our abstracts and our bodies in adjustment to abate Assurance Hazards and Bloom impacts associated with our work.

We pledges to apparatus and accomplish the SHMS Administration Adjustment to added enhance assurance and bloom performance. Our capital objectives are to:

Establishing accepted and abiding goals to accommodate the all-important guidelines for connected advance of anatomic assurance and health.

Publishing HSE objectives, activities and achievement abstracts as allotment of our OHS Blow Advice efforts.

Working against ZERO Blow Rate.

Improving the all-embracing alive activity in Assurance and Health.

This activity will be announced to all parties absorbed in the achievement of our OSH administration system.

Signed: Azio Suzuki Date: 1 Feb 2009

Managing Director

After reviewing the accepted policy, it will be benign for the aggregation to authenticate its allegation to the objectives i.e. How are they activity to accomplish them?

We accordingly will accomplish some recommended by abacus a “commitment to accomplish the objectives”

The additions are:

We will accommodated theses allegation by :

To accredit accepted and abiding goals to accommodate the all-important guidelines for connected advance of anatomic assurance and health.

To broadcast Occupational, Assurance and Bloom (OSH) objectives, activities and achievement abstracts as allotment of our OHS hazard and blow advice efforts.

To accommodate our agent with the adapted apprenticeship and accordant training they allegation to bigger accept their OHS roles and responsibilities.

To authority every agent amenable for their own activity that contrarily will appulse the activity of others, the all-embracing health, assurance and the ambiance we accomplish in.

To booty and accomplish every accomplishment and to assignment against ZERO Blow Rate.

To accomplish and Advance the all-embracing alive activity in Assurance and Health.

Identify and accessory into the accordant organisational structure/s capital in the alignment & accomplishing of the WSH policy. (PC2.1, UK11)

The aggregation WSH appear beneath the albatross of the EHS Administrator and he address to the Accumulated EHS Administrator and dotted band to the Managing Director. Beneath the administration of the EHS director, the Assurance and Bloom board lath accommodate the advice to all-embracing deployment. The WSH administrator get the allegation from the board lath and act as the advice administrator for all HSE.OHS affairs and program.

The WSH anatomy abide of 6 capital activity i.e. EHS Director, Human Resources, WSH officer, Facilities, Accomplishment and the Assurance Lath / EHS .

EHS Director.

The EHS administrator works with the accumulated EHS in ambience all OHS policy, Assurance and Bloom deployment , drive and adviser and assay all the OHS achievement indicators.

WSH Officer.

The administrator works beneath the administration and allegation of the EHS administrator to implement, adviser and aftereffect on all OHS affairs and amend key assurance achievement indicators monthly.

He additionally armchair the account assurance assay and meeting. He additionally accommodate able admonish to the administrator and staff. He works carefully with the HR training administration in formulating training programs. Together with the HR training executive, they accomplish and conduct Job assurance and training needs analysis.

Human Assets ( Training and Admin support)

The HR administration is assigned the role to abutment the WSH programs and adjust for alien training allegation and additionally administering centralized assurance acquaintance consecration affairs for all new employee. It additionally provides the authoritative support, advance affidavit and administer the training programs for the company.

The HR administrator additionally assignment carefully with the accounts administration to ensure funds are fabricated accessible to apparatus and advance the WSH training.

Manufacturing and Operations

Work carefully with WSH administrator to conduct approved assurance and bloom assay and to analyze any hazards in the workplace.

Is additionally amenable to conduct and assay all Blow Appraisal for all the activities beneath their control. Amenable to accredit Safe Assignment procedures (SWP) and enforce/monitor all Admittance to assignment (PTW) system.

He additionally abutment the aggregation plant-wide SHMS administration adjustment and to ensure acquiescence to the activity ad procedures.

Participate and abutment training claim and planned program.


The accessories administration manages all accessories abutment and accessories aliment affairs to ensure machines and accessories are safe to operate.

It additionally abutment and adviser all the blaze angry accessories and to ensure the accessories are maintained and accede with the accordant bodies such as SCDF.

Assist the accomplishment administration in evaluating acquirement of new machineries and accessories in affair assurance and Bloom claim afore they are brought into the factory.

Conduct and assay all RA aural the ambit of accessories activities.

Monitor and amend any activity change to accede with Bloom and assurance requirement.

Safety Lath ( Administrator and lath members)

The lath beneath the administration of the administrator and the advice of the WSH admiral accomplish and agitated out all the objectives set by the Board lath and accomplish daily, account and account WSH activities. Activities such as account or account Assurance inspection, participate in the account Assurance meeting. The WSH administrator sits in the Board lath affair to accommodate feedback, accommodating in formulating activity and cold and allocation work.

Emergency Administrator ( SMC)

The Site Capital Coordinator (SMC) acts as the Emergency Administrator in an emergency situation. His role is to alike with the Site Adventure Coordinator (SIC), the emergency aggregation associates and the SCDF.

Site Adventure Coordinator (SIC)

The SIC role is to administer and alike the emergency acknowledgment aggregation in Blaze fighting, mitigating a actinic discharge and accomplishment operations, the First aid team, Evacuation and blaze administrator teams and acquaint and afterlight the SMC on the emergency bearings and cachet on a approved basis.

Emergency Acknowledgment Team.

The emergency acknowledgment aggregation associates are amenable for to any emergency bearings such as actinic spill, blaze /explosion. They accept been accomplished to mitigate, accomplish accomplishment if bearings admittance and to accommodate any emergency bearings aback it arise.

Environment Chancy Substance Committee.

The lath associates are amenable for managing, evaluating and administration ascendancy of all the chancy chemicals bought into the apriorism and storage. They are additionally amenable in drafting SWP for safe administration of actinic and accumulator based on SDS abstracts and industry best practices, CP and standards. They are additionally amenable to administer ecology affair such as emission, decay auctioning and any ecology appulse study.

They act as an adviser to the ESH director, board committee, WSH offices and agent for all Environmental, assurance and Bloom such as policy, control, training and procedures

Organisational programme for stakeholder acquaintance and involvement. (PC2.3, UK6, 13, 20)

Ways to appoint and actuate stakeholders in the change activity aural organisational anatomy and system. (UK14, 17)

Establish the strategies for implementing WSH policy. (UK15)

14. Accredit the appulse and the assets appropriate for implementation, above-mentioned to finalizing the changes. (PC2.5, 3.5, UK27, 28)

Types of Programmes

Description of Programmes

Implementation of Programmes

Short &Long Appellation Impacts

1. Abreast Absent / Adventure campaign

The cold was to accession the assurance acquaintance akin of all advisers and to animate agent to acknowledgment assurance hazards while at work.

With the campaign, the aggregation hopes to move abroad from the RE-ACTIVE mindset ( Act alone aback an adventure occurs) to a PROACTIVE attitude by accepting every agent to be proactive and be acquainted of their alive ambiance and be safe at work.

A “Near Absent Safety” attack to be launched by the Managing Administrator for a aeon of 3 months to get agent to be participative in articular hazard in the workplace.

Forms (Feedback card) were printed and abode at 8 altered locations for agent to address their feedback.

The WSHO was appointed to aggregate aback all the acknowledgment cards and assay them for actions, accolade account and abridge a account summary.

The arbitrary of the after-effects were acquaint in the advice lath to reflect the cardinal of submission, alone and administration scores.

Awards were presented by the MD at the end of every month. It was awarded to alone and administration for Best Alone and Best acknowledging administration with the best submission.

Financial Account for the Reward; 3 months aeon was.

Individual $100

Department : Trophy.

Awareness Level.

Lost in assignment abundance as agents will be abroad and college amount due to overtime to awning blow hours.

The abbreviate appellation impacts were that the assurance acquaintance akin was aloft at every akin in the organization, Rank and file. Accepting bodies to act on the hazard anon rather than later.

People: Mindset changes.

Reduction in Blow rate

The continued appellation appulse is the absolute ability mindset change based on Proactive rather than Reactive.

Safety Hazard identification and blow ascendancy application can be congenital into every activities and planning / cerebration activity rather than acclimation the botheration afterwards the accomplishing stage.

Types of Programmes

Description of Programmes

Implementation of Programmes

Short &Long Appellation Impacts

2. Assurance Training Programme.

The assurance affairs focus on the Hazard articular during the Blow Appraisal (RA).

There are:

Material Administration such a forklift and bassinet truck.

Pen knife safety.

Understand SDS with commendations to PPE and blow ascendancy such as actinic discharge and on the able use actinic discharge kit.

Manual handling. Able appropriation technique.

The assurance lath associates appointed to booty allegation of assurance training were complex in advancing the training actual with the advice of the WSH administrator and training consultant.

The training were schedules account for all the accordant agents complex in the activities identified.

The training was conducted by the WSH officer.

Staff has to booty a abbreviate appraisal on 20 questions and canyon the test.

Employee accessory the affair was appropriate to assurance in the training log.

A refresher advance was additionally planned (within 1 month) for those who did not administer to canyon the appoint appraisal test.

Short Appellation impact.

Lost in assignment abundance as agents will be abroad and college amount due to overtime to awning blow hours.

The agents assurance acquaintance akin with commendations to abeyant Hazard in their own abode was aloft and they will able to acquaint with their aide and supervisor.

The continued appellation appulse are :

Reduction in Blow amount as agents will be added competent.

Boost agents morale.

Staff are added amenable against demography buying aback assurance is a concerns,

They are able to analyze assurance hazard and accord account on assurance acknowledgment and hazard elimination.

3. Assurance acquaintance exhibition.

The cold to agenda a assurance and Bloom exhibition was to accession the acquaintance of the industries assurance trends and development.

The exhibits on displayed gave the agent an beheld appearance of the assorted assurance hazard and the types of ascendancy measures available.

The WSHO and the assurance lath training aggregation affiliate accomplish adjustment to accept Abode Assurance Board and National Blaze and Civil Emergency Preparedness Board (NFEC) alignment to advertise their Fire, Assurance and Bloom program.

The fee for the alien provider was set at $500 for the absolute exhibition week.

Short-term impact.

Time abroad from advantageous work.

Employee is acquainted of what some of the alien organisation are bell to advance “Safety At Work”.

Long Appellation impact.

Boost Assurance and Reduction is the adventure rate.

Staff will be able to always accept and see assurance is allotment of their activities at assignment and at Home.

4. Admittance to Assignment System. PTW

The cold in implementing the PTW adjustment was to administer and ascendancy risk. The PTW adjustment activated to the afterward activities.

1, Hot work.

2. Assignment at Height.

3. Confined Space.

4. Lock Out Tag Out LOTO

The WSHO is amenable to accredit with the approval of the Chief administrator in all activities listed in the PTW system

The programs are binding beneath the WSH regulations.

WSH (Confined Spaces) Regulations 2009.

WSH (General Provisions) Regulations 16 – 2006.

WSH ( SHMS Auditing) – 2009

Short-term impact.

Work Abundance will be afflicted as procedures allegation to be adhered to afore works are permitted.

Long Appellation impact.

Most of the adventure accompanying to Hot-Work, Assignment at Height, Confined amplitude will be bargain or alone due to able ascendancy abstinent put in place.

Advantages and allowances of accepting absolute WSH ability in the accomplishing of WSH policy. (UK18)

The allowances of active appear a positives culture, i.e. attitude and mindset changes are:

Raising the akin of Assurance acquaintance and adequate accretion informed.

Taking claimed albatross and accountability in assurance aback at work.

Take proactive footfall in hazard identification and advance activity to annihilate or minimise the blow exposure.

People tend to anticipate or see Assurance as the sole albatross of the Assurance admiral or the Assurance and Bloom Manager. They are added to administer and activated Assurance and Bloom rules. It’s their roles to ensure Assurance at the workplace.

With a ability about-face and a absolute mindset, Assurance is “EVERYONE” responsibility. Assurance is “MY” responsibility. As an employee, I accept to anticipate Assurance at all time aback assuming my task.

When agent takes albatross for his assignment safety, he will be committed to ensure he does not endanger himself and others while at work.

Establish approved and able assay activity of WSH activity and objectives. (PC3.1)

The capital purpose of any assay is to align, amend and ensure all the advice is still relevance.

The activity involving activity through the aggregation accepted OHS policy, set objectives, antidotal and antitoxin accomplishments articular and put in place. Secondly it is for the purpose of connected advance in assurance and bloom matters.

This is all-important due to the facts the ambiance we assignment in are alteration all the time. Activity or plan can be abortive due to changes in the process, equipment, technology or Acknowledged legislation / claim or alternative requirements such as cipher of convenance and standards.

By adopting a PDCA ( Plan, Do, Check, Act) model, we echo the aeon and always alive appear adequate advance at all time. The alternate Administration assay can be agenda either annual or afterwards an centralized audit.

The abundance of the assay are as follows:

Safety Achievement Indicators. Account Review

No of Reported Abreast Absent / Incident. eg :Loss Time Adventure amount (LTIR).

OHS Activity Review. (Management Assay Meeting) Bi-Yearly ( Every 6 months)

Safety Gap Cachet Review: Antidotal and Antitoxin Activity (CAPA). Every 3 months.

Determine the accordant advice to be calm for reviewing. (PC2.4, 3.2, UK23, 24, 26)

13. Involve stakeholders in the appraisal of all-important changes to absolute activity and objectives. (PC1.4, 3.4 UK8, 25)

Name of Advice / Assessment


Freqency/Duration of review

Person in-charge

1. WSH Assay Report.

To analyze any assurance gap or assurance abuse during the walk-about by the appointed Assurance lath associates on a account schedule.

To aftereffect on antidotal and antitoxin accomplishments articular and appropriate close-out all articular hazard.

WSH (Workplace Assurance and Bloom Committees) Regulations 2008


WSHO / Assurance Chairman.

2. OHS Assurance Achievement Indicators.

The assurance achievement indicator accustomed for the years such as:

No of blow / Abreast absent /

Total Blow time. ( LT )

Loss Time Adventure Amount ( LTIR )

Severity Rate. ( SR )

Every 3 months.

EHS Manager

Name of Advice / Assessment


Freqency/Duration of review

Person in-charge

3. Blow Assessment

To conduct Blow Appraisal above-mentioned to basic of any assignment activities in the workplace. The blow appraisal includes 3 analytical areas such: Hazard Identification, Blow Evaluation and Blow Control. Any High blow articular charge be bargain to “Low” or “Medium” afore assignment can start. If blow cannot be abate to an adequate level, SWP charge be put in abode to abbreviate the blow level.

Reference : WSH (Risk Management) Regulations 2006

Every 3 years.


When there are changes to the activity or an adventure has occurred.

WSHO / Administration Manager/

Top Management

4. Annual Assurance Administration Assay Report.

The annual arbitrary of the Assurance Assay report.

The purpose of the arbitrary address was for administration to assay assurance gaps identified, cachet of the antidotal and bactericide accomplishments Plan. (i.e. bankrupt or awaiting action)

To assay assets and account to fix assurance gaps articular during the account assurance inspection.


EHS Manager.

5. Assurance and Bloom Administration System. SHMS Assay report

The SHMS centralized and alien letters are acclimated for the purpose of connected advance activities.

To actuate whether the aggregation accepted OHS activity and objectives allegation to be accumbent with the organisation Assurance and Bloom Administration Adjustment (SHMS).

The alien accountant letters are use by the aggregation for the purpose of anecdotic assurance lapses and adjustment weakness. During the OHS/WSH activity assay meeting, administration charge booty into application the Accountant comments and advocacy in adjustment to ensure the activity can be acknowledgment to the changes bare to improve.

Every 6 months

EHS Administrator and SHMS Administration Representive (MR)

15. Document and acquaint to accordant stakeholders the changes in activity arising from review. (PC1.6, 3.6, UK16, 30)


Record keeping, advice are all-important for the purpose of acquiescence to WSH Act such as


1 WSH (Incident Reporting) Regulations 2006

2 WSH (Risk Management) Regulations 2006

3 WSH (Workplace Assurance and Bloom Committees) Regulations 2008

4 WSH (Safety and Bloom Administration Adjustment and Auditing) Regulations 2009

Occupational Health

1 WSH (First-Aid) Regulations 2006

2 Factories (Medical Examinations) Regulations 1999

3 Factories (Noise) Regulations 1997.

The alternative purposes of almanac befitting and advice are for ecology and surveillance of ill bloom due to acknowledgment to hazard. Any agent articular during the surveillance will be put through counseling such as doubtable or accepted NID case. For agent alive in an ambiance area the articular hazard was radiation will be assigned alternative duties aback the permissible acknowledgment limit; PEL has been exceeded.

The 5 WSH affidavit are:

Monthly Assurance Assay Address and Account Assurance affair minutes.

Safety and Bloom Training Records.

Risk Appraisal Activities Inventory account and Blow Appraisal (RA)

Health Surveillance and Monitoring. ( Cyanide exposure, X-ray, Audiometric-NID )

Noise ecology almanac ( Centralized and Boundary Noise)


The 3 capital blazon of advice that are active by the aggregation are:

Safety Apprehension Board.

Quarter Assurance Account Letter.

Video display.

The Assurance Apprehension Board.

The boards are acclimated to communicate, assurance assay report, Assurance affair minutes, WSH bulletins from WSH council, MOM Account active and Assurance and Bloom achievement indicators such as No of Adventure case, Blow Time Blow Case, Severity and Abundance rate.

2. Annual Account Letter.

The New letter serves as a advice approach to :

showcase account with Assurance personnel,

Safety ideas,

safety affairs update,

Safety achievement amid assorted accomplishment sites worldwide.

Corporate EHS account and directives.

3. Video Display.

The Video Affectation are installed at the accession and Agents canteen areas for the purpose of communicating Assurance and Bloom amend and account to centralized (staff) and alien (visitor, suppliers) cadre . It additionally displayed the aggregation Assurance activity statements and allegation and account Assurance Videos.

List of Appendices

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