WSH Management System with Legal Compliance

Coordinate WSH Administration Arrangement with Acknowledged Compliance

Background of My organization



GREATLAND(S)ENGINEERING PTE, LTD assignment with main-con SK Engineering & architecture In the Aggregation was prequalified by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore to undertake all above accumulation alteration abuse (MRT) arrangement developments with bearding arrangement value. Aural bisected a year, the Aggregation has been awarded MRT affairs with absolute amount beyond 350Million Singapore Dollars by LTA. The aggregation is additionally currently in the date of accommodating in new and advancing tenders for MRT projects East-West cable adit by LTA in Singapore.

We avowal a attitude of chip activity Aggregation and abstruse ability in the railway architecture industry. Our different alloy of accumulated culture, complete business strategies, experience, able banking cachet and beforehand technology contributes to accomplished after-effects and the action of the Company. Confidently offers the best cost-effective and able basic architecture and architecture solutions to all our customers.

Project name: East-West cable tunnel




Project name: East-West cable adit and activity amount 350 actor dollars. Starting on December 2012 and complition on dec 2016.

1) Explain the WSH roles, responsibilities and authorities for any four (4) of advisers that should be authentic in the WSH Administration System.

(i) Activity Manager/Senior Deputy Activity Manager

  • To Chair the Activity Safety, Bloom and Ambiance (SHE) committee
  • To lead, assassinate and apparatus the SHEMS (SHE Administration System)
  • To apparatus Company’s accumulated assurance programs and procedures
  • To ensure the accouterment of safe and advantageous alive ambiance for all staff
  • To ensure that all accustomed requirement, codes of convenance and company’s assurance rules and regulations are complied with
  • To baby-sit achievement of sub-contractors and ensure that they accede with acknowledged requirements and assurance standards
  • To analysis assurance issues and recommendations for advance on safety
  • To advance and advance abutting advice and accustomed advice with accordant accustomed authorities
  • To conduct accustomed analysis and analysis on the assurance accoutrement on site
  • To authorize and advance a absolute assurance altitude on the activity site
  • To ensure the WSH Board carries out investigations & recommendations for any incident, accident, abreast absence or alarming accident & that such accomplishments are recorded

(ii) WSH Officer

  • Assist in the accomplishing of the site’s abode assurance and bloom & ecology programmes
  • Assist in anecdotic and assessing any accountable accident arising from the abode or assignment processes therein
  • To acclaim analytic accessible measures to eliminate, abbreviate or ascendancy any accountable accident to any being who is at assignment in the abode or may be afflicted by alternative assignment processes in the workplace
  • Assist to apparatus the accustomed Safe Assignment Method Statement and Accident Assessment
  • Exercise accepted administration and analysis of the acknowledgment of the accoutrement of the WSH Act and any regulations fabricated thereafter
  • Advise armpit administration on acknowledged environment, bloom and assurance claim and aggregation assurance procedures
  • To adviser achievement of sub-contractors & ensure their acquiescence with acknowledged requirements & assurance standards
  • To amend administration on new & changes in acknowledged requirements apropos to abode assurance and health
  • Organise assurance programme and activities to advance safe conduct of workers
  • To investigate all incidents/accidents or alarming occurrences & acclaim agency to anticipate recurrences
  • Report and liaise with the management, accordant authorities on inspection, analysis and alternative safety, bloom and ambiance issues
  • Serve as the secretary in the armpit WSH committee

(iii) WSH Coordinator/WSH supervisors

  • Conduct circadian analysis and act on alarming acts and conditions
  • Train and adviser workers safe assignment practices
  • Maintain and adviser assurance annal and checklist
  • To abetment in the analysis of accidents/incident/dangerous occurrences & acclaim alleviative actions, if necessary
  • To liaise with authorities & subcontractors on WSH matters
  • Assist in anecdotic any alarming action / alarming act & acclaim / apparatus reasonable accessible measures to actual the situation
  • Monitor the conduct of circadian toolbox affairs and Job Assurance Analysis briefings
  • Act as abettor secretary of the armpit WSH committee

(iv) Engineers

  • To be in-charge of all-embracing structural assignment and inspection
  • To accede with all acknowledged assurance requirements and aggregation safe assignment procedures
  • To conduct accustomed analysis and audits on the assurance accoutrement on site
  • Supervise and ensure subcontractors accede with acknowledged assurance requirements and assurance standards
  • Ensure that the accustomed Safe Assignment Method Statement and Accident Appraisal are implemented by subcontractors and all employees.
  • To participate in assurance talks, toolbox affairs and briefings
  • To address any incidents, abetment in investigation.
  • Rectify alarming altitude and actual alarming act promptly on site.
  • Attend assurance affairs to accord to a safe alive environment

2) Analyze at atomic three (3) stakeholders accordant to the called assignment and explain how the WSH roles, albatross and authorities would be announced to the stakeholders.



Ways of Communication


Project Manager

  • Email
  • SHE Board Meeting
  • Notice Board
  • Mass Tool Box Meeting
  • Appointment letters


WSH Officer



3) Describe three WSH administration arrangement in acclimated in abode and explain any bristles (5)elemaents of theWSH administration arrangement in detail and how your alignment apparatus it.

  • Safety training – it is all-important to accouter workers at all akin with knowledge, abilities and attitude so that they can accomplish their job in a cautiously manner. Its is additionally all-important to authorize procedures to analyze traning needs and accommodate able assurance training to all levels. Annal of training should additionally be accurate and maintained at all times.
  • In- abode assurance rules and regulations – it needs to be accustomed and activated to ensure all alive cadre apperceive their roles and responsibilities in assurance that they charge to accede e.g. able use of PPE, operation and aliment of accouterment and equipment, able administration and accumulator of chancy abstracts and advertisement of hazards and incident.
  • Incident analysis and analysis – it is to authorize the account of incidents and to anticipate ceremony of the incidents. Procedures to identify, record, investigate and analyse incidents should be accustomed and maintained so that antidotal accomplishments can be implemented to anticipate ceremony of incidents.

Five (5) Elements of theWSH administration system

  • Risk Appraisal /Hazards analysis
  • Safe assignment practices
  • Safety promotion
  • Safety inspctions
  • Emergency preparedness

4) Analyze assets appropriate for the accomplishing of WSH management.

Resources appropriate for accomplishing of WSH administration may include;

  • Human assets (manpower)
  • Financial resources
  • Equipment and accoutrement allocation
  • Space allocation
  • Specialised skills
  • Scheduling of implementation

5) By agency of a breeze chat, explain how You alike and certificate a administration analysis on WSH Administration Arrangement and allegorize types of almanac to be accurate for Administration review

  • Management meeting – during the meeting, all the accordant stakeholders will be issued a archetype of the WSH administration arrangement for review.
  • Pre alpha meeting – during the pre alpha meeting, the WSH personnal would present the slides on the corresponding elements of the WSH Administration Arrangement to all the stakeholders involved.
  • Safety consecration course – during the SIC, all stakeholders would be abreast on the accomplishing of the WSH Administration Arrangement on site.

Toolbox Affair Record:

6) Prepare all acknowledged annals for your workplace


Title of Act /Regulation

Application (Location)

Application (Process/ Activity)



WSH act

Entire factory

Entire factory




WSH (noise) regulation

Production attic and workshop

Use of stamping, Grinding and acid processes



WSH(confined space) regulation

AHU room, workshop

Spray painting aural workshop



Radiation aegis act


NDT in workshop



Code of convenance for alive at height

Production floor, AHU room, workshop

Various processes/ activities



Code of convenance for scaffolds 1996

Production floor, AHU room, assignment shop

Various processes/ activities



WSH (General provision) Regulation

Entire factory

Entire factory




Title of Act /Regulation

Application (Location)

Application (Process/ Activity)


WSH (Risk management) Regulation

Entire factory

Entire factory



WSH (First Aid) Regulation

Entire factory

Entire factory



Fire assurance act and its accessory legislation

Entire factory

Entire factory



The ecology abuse ascendancy regulations

Work shop

Use of toluene aerosol painting


WSH (operation of crane) Regulation

Production attic and loading bay

Use of aerial crane


Code of convenance for accident management

Entire factory

Entire factory



SS548 cipher of convenance for selection, use, and aliment of respiratory careful devices

Work shop

Use of toluene aerosol painting


SS510 cipher of convenance for assurance in adjustment and acid (and alternative operations involving the use of heat)

Work shop

Minor artifact work

7) Explain how your abode action for blockage authoritative acquiescence with applicative WSH acknowledged and alternative requirement.

Organization should certificate and advance annal of assurance training provided for all alive cadre in the organisation.

Training annal may include;

  • Personnel who are provided with training. These accommodate advisers as able-bodied as sub – contractor’s employees.
  • Duration of training
  • Schedule of training including date and time of training, topics, trainers and capacity of assessments.
  • Sequence of training includes the adjustment in which training content, activities and how appraisal is conducted.
  • Type of training accommodate abilities based, ability based and ambition of training whether for workers, administrator or managers.
  • Trainer’s particulars including their adequacy and acquaintance in the training topics

8) List of Advice channels at your abode to ability out to Stakeholders

Communication channels

  • Toolbox meeting
  • WSH board meeting
  • Work advance meeting
  • Management meeting
  • Technical meeting
  • WSH training
  • WSH Inspection
  • Repots
  • Feedback
  • Email
  • Safety poster
  • Newsletters
  • Phone calls

9) Explain how you Alike acquiescence analysis for your workplace

  • Arranging the schedule

e.g. date of audit, continuance of audit, alpha time of the audit, bulb to conduct the analysis and ambit of the audit.

  • Engaging a competent auditor

e.g adviser or Auditing Agencies.

  • Conducting the meeting

e.g. aperture the meeting, altercate the analysis programme with the addition of accountant and auditees, familiarisation bout at the armpit action and armpit appliance plan, analysis of able accomplishing SHMS involving reviewing of documents, procedures and records, interviewing of cadre and phyisical inspection, appraisal of audits allegation and avenue the meeting.

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