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The eye-of-the-storm abode is an experiential, teaching abode heralded by Jane Elliot, and acclimated to acquaint youngsters on the appulse of apparent racism and discrimination. In Ch. 3, you abstruse about micro-assaults (e.g., micro-invalidation, micro-aggression). As a reminder, micro-assaults are buried or attenuate acts of bigotry that affliction minority, dis-empowered or blank groups in our abreast world. Watch the afterward video on the Eye of the Storm technique. Then, reflect aloft applying this pedagogical exercise to microaggressions from Ch. 3. It is brash that you analysis microaggressions from Ch. 3. Identify a accepted amusing account (example: gender discrimination) and abode a cardboard anecdotic how you would apparatus an eye-of-the-storm teaching technique/demonstration to highlight micro-assaults afflictive a group. Please analyze the amusing account (e.g., gender discrimination), the amusing accumulation (e.g., women), the micro-assaults you appetite to betrayal your "class" to, and the strategy(-ies) you will use to abet the eye-of-the-storm abode (i.e., what will you do). Amuse be artistic and concise. More specifically, amuse abode the afterward credibility in your paper: Explain micro-aggressions/assaults/invalidations, from Chapter 3, Table 3.1  Explain prejudice, discrimination, stereotype, and racism, as able-bodied as how these concepts accurately chronicle to avant-garde ageism (e.g., microaggressions  Describe the amusing cause, the amusing accumulation affected, and the micro-assaults you appetite to betrayal your “class” to; i.e., call to whom and how you will do “eye of the storm”  Describe strategies you will use to abet the eye-of-the-storm technique  ***THIS IS THE LINK TO THE VIDEO YOU NEED TO WATCH : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gi2T0ZdKVc *** BOOK IT´S ATTACHED PLEASE FOLLOW GUIDELINES AND REFLECT TO CHAPTER 3  **** Each catechism should accept AT LEAST 2 PARAGRAPHS EACH

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