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Written work Search the Internet for IT babyminding planning. Baddest a specific babyminding plan that exists at a aggregation or a plan framework from an organization. Write a 2-page cardboard on four (4) of the best important suggestions from the plan you select. Why are these important?  You charge accommodate at atomic one (1) reference to the armpit area you begin the babyminding plan. APA formatting required.  Submission status Submission statusNo attemptGrading statusNot gradedGrading criteriaContentAnswered all questions correctly5pointsDid not acknowledgment one part/point correctly4pointsDid not acknowledgment two parts/points correctly3pointsDid not acknowledgment three parts/points correctly2pointsMissed best of the parts/points of the assignment1pointsNo Submission0pointsWriting SkillsExcellent—totally chargeless of errors5pointsVery few errors4pointsOccasional errors3pointsMore than casual errors2pointsFrequent errors1pointsNo Submission0pointsFormatting SkillsExcellent—totally chargeless of errors5pointsVery few errors4pointsOccasional formatting errors3pointsMore than casual formatting errors2pointsFrequent formatting errors1pointsNo Submission0pointsReferences SuppliedSupplied every advertence that was appropriate to abutment the assignment5points-4pointsSupplied a few references appropriate to abutment the assignment3points-2pointsNo references were supplied to abutment the assignment1pointsNo Submission0pointsOntime SubmissionOnTime10pointsOne Week Late8pointsTwo Weeks Late6pointsThree Weeks Late4pointsFour Weeks Late2pointsNo Submission0points

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