writing assignment English 1301

After account the items in the binder aloft accompanying to Beyoncé, amuse acknowledge to both genitalia below: Part 1: When you aboriginal apprehend Berlatsky's article, what was your reaction? Were you able to acquisition his capital argument? What aspects of his altercation did you accede with or disagree with? Part 2: After account the two archetype essays, did your angle about the commodity change? Did you see aspects of the commodity that you didn't notice before? Do you accede with the responses from either of the archetype essays? https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2014/05/beyonce-sex-terrorist-a-menace-for-conservatives-and-liberals-alike/362085/ I charge at atomic 400 words  we charge to use at atomic 2 words in red argument while autograph this assignment  These are the cant words for this unit.  Remember to absorb them into your Discussion Board in this unit. Conviction          Impression          Misconception           Perspective Profound            Inherent              Inveterate                  Amenable Impinge              Subversion         Aesthetic

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