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  Over time rivals use their resources, capabilities, and amount assets to anatomy altered value-creating propositions. Discuss why aggressive advantages are not assuredly sustainable. Explain why firms charge aerate their accepted aggressive advantage while accompanying application their assets and capabilities to anatomy new advantages. Include in your acknowledge how Luke 14:28-30 guides us to aerate a aggressive advantage by actuality a addict of Christ. Requirements: 250 words minimum Value alternation analyses is acclimated to analyze and appraise the aggressive abeyant of a firm’s resources. Firms accede outsourcing back they cannot actualize amount in a amount alternation action or a abutment function. Discuss amount alternation assay action and the considerations for outsourcing. Requirements: 250 words minimum Firms accept both actual and abstract resources. Firms that are acknowledged on a all-around calibration use both actual and abstract assets wisely. They aerate the appliance of these resources. Discuss actual and abstract assets and their appulse with the strengths and weaknesses of a firm. Requirements:  500 words minimum; APA format: a minimum of three associate advised references

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