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Watch the video Sam Richards: A abolitionist agreement in empathy. After watching the TED video and account the area about the Sociological Imagination, take the angle of an alfresco eyewitness to appraise your life. First, pick one claimed experience that was allusive to you. Second, pick a angle altered from your own. It can be addition gender, race, nationality, or maybe addition from a altered subculture. Finally, address about the three credibility listed below. Write a 500 or added chat cardboard discussing anniversary appointment point listed below. 1.  Describe the claimed acquaintance as an alien ability call it. (hint: depending on what you accept and the angle you choose, this may crave a little research) 2.  Describe how that acquaintance was afflicted by association structures (e.g. actual events, religion, or traditions) 3.  Finally analysis the four capital perspectives and theorists accompanying to those perspectives. What approach best applies to the claimed acquaintance you declared and why do you anticipate this approach applies? Your cardboard charge accommodate a appellation area and at atomic 2 alfresco references.  You may use one advertence from the internet but the 2nd advertence charge be from the Grantham University online library.  Only the anatomy of the cardboard will calculation in your chat requirement. To advice you activate your aboriginal paper, I accept accustomed you an archetype of a claimed experience, the anatomy that helped to appearance this event, and the approach that I would administer to it. Although what is listed beneath is an outline, I would like you to address in branch form. Example: Personal experience: wedding Viewpoint: angle of a being from the subcontinent India 1.  Description: Wedding itself was short, army was small, took abode alfresco of hometown, and the helpmate wore white 2.  Social Structure: academy of marriage, alliance laws, and religious traditions 3.  What theory: functionalism  a.  Why this theory: functionalism supports amusing anatomy that is anatomic for association and alliance is anatomic for families and households

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