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Answer the following: Which stages of the customer controlling action are afflicted best by allegory arcade on adaptable platforms? Explain.  Technology has acutely adapted the customer affairs behavior, today as consumers we accept the affluence to browse and boutique around anywhere at anytime. What are your thoughts on actuality able to boutique 24/7 virtually? Do you acquisition yourself arcade online added as against to the acceptable arcade adjustment of visiting the abundance during abundance hours? Why or Why not? What are your thoughts on Black Friday in abundance deals against Cyber Monday, do you acquisition one to be added benign to the customer than the other?  The requirements beneath charge be met for your cardboard to be accustomed and graded:   Write amid 500 – 750 words (approximately 2 – 3 pages) application Microsoft Word. Attempt APA style, see archetype below. Use chantry admeasurement 12 and 1” margins. Include awning folio and advertence page. At atomic 60% of your cardboard charge be aboriginal content/writing. No added than 40% of your content/information may appear from references. Use at atomic two references from alfresco the advance material, finer from EBSCOhost.  Text book, lectures, and alternative abstracts in the advance may be used, but are not counted against the two advertence requirement. Reference actual (data, dates, graphs, quotes, paraphrased words, values, etc.) charge be articular in the cardboard and listed on a advertence page.

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