Writing Assignment

  Assignment:  Why did you adjudge to go to Strayer University at this point in your life? Notes: Outline Due Week 3 and account 35 points Remember in this course, you will advance one essay. The accountable of your article for this advance is “Changing Our Lives.” In your essay, you will present and again explain THREE affidavit why you absitively to go to academy at this time in your life. In this assignment, you will actualize an outline to advice you adapt your account for your essay. You will actualize and abide your outline by application ecree. Your appointment will be adored automatically. You’ll see some acknowledgment on the right-hand ancillary of the awning – avoid the red acknowledgment for now. When you’re ready, you can about-face in your appointment by beat “Submit” at the basal of the page. Create a affair outline in which you: Use abbreviate phrases and NOT complete sentences. Identify at atomic three (3) capital points. These credibility should be the aforementioned three affidavit you presented for your acknowledgment to academy in your Week 2 Thesis Assignment. Identify at atomic two (2) acknowledging credibility for anniversary capital point. Minimize automated and stylistic errors.Start from a Previous Draft  

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