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Please address a two-page (double spaced) cardboard with your acknowledgment to the afterward scenario: Doctor M is a acceptable acquaintance of Dr. J and has accepted him for a continued time, back childhood. Doctor J is earlier than Dr. M, and Dr. M considers Dr. J a mentor. Doctor J has a wife and four children. Doctor J is applying for activity insurance, and as a requisite, he charge accept a concrete exam. Coincidentally, Dr. M is the physician for the Allowance Company, and he has to accomplish the concrete assay on Dr. J. During the exam, Dr. M notices that Dr. J has aerial claret burden and is overweight. Further testing demonstrates that he additionally has aerial cholesterol and a little college akin of glucose. If Dr. M communicates this to the Allowance Company, Dr. J apparently will be alone and accept no adventitious of accepting any activity insurance, abrogation his ancestors at banking risk. What would you do if you were Dr. M? Accept you accomplished a agnate situation? Are ethics altered for altered situations? Your acknowledgment should be well-formed, application the APA appearance format, including two accepted high-quality assets aural the aftermost bristles years, you can use your book as a primary resource. Use grammarly.com and use the library assets from your advance carapace to abutment your answer. And should reflect what you’ve abstruse from the bore readings, as able-bodied as any activity acquaintance you accept had with bloom affliction systems. 

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