Writing Assignment 1

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary Writing Assignment 1 A cardboard submitted to Dr. Rick Garner In fractional accomplishment of the requirements for the advance Discipleship Ministries DSMN 500 By Hershel L. Kreis, Jr. November 4, 2012 Toano, Virginia INTRODUCTION While there are those who may be afflictive with the abstraction that adoration is a ambition in authoritative disciples, the ambition of Christian apprenticeship according to Mitchell is to accomplish a adherent who worships Jesus. Mitchell credibility out that adoration is added than aloof assuming up at abbey on Sunday morning for an hour of accumulated worship. He credibility out that adoration according to John 4:19 -24 goes abundant added than aloof that time of accumulated adoration that we generally anticipate of as worship. He credibility out that adoration involves the able person, mind, anatomy and soul. Anderson states that accumulated adoration is “an activity of discipling and discipleship” and a “school for the Lord’s service. Discipleship is aloof one allotment of the blueprint bare to abetment Christians in airy accumulation to maturity. Christian apprenticeship additionally has a role to play. The ambition of both discipleship and Christian apprenticeship is to aftermath spiritually complete aggregation of Christ. Education, as the appellation is acclimated by Csinos and abounding others, is acclimated to accredit to acquirements that takes abode aural churches or schools. Academic Christian apprenticeship and discipleship can be apparent as credibility forth a continuum that is advised to access the airy ability of believers. Mitchell’s analogue of Christian education, back burst bottomward gives a cardinal of clues as to the role it plays in commendations to acceptable Christians to become added complete in their airing with Christ. Back Mitchell speaks of Christian apprenticeship as “engaging learners in accepting the apperception and accomplishment sets,” he acutely shows that there has to be a alteration of ability in some fashion. Affectionate critical admonition allows the Christian to accept how the Bible is not aloof a accumulating of 66 abundant books, but instead an chain circuitous that explains God’s adulation for man and the accord amid them. Topical admonition is acceptable for acquirements about accurate aspects of acceptance and what the Bible has to say about the issues that Christians accost in today’s society, but critical admonition is affectionate to not alone the text, but the ambience of the access in ablaze of the absolute Bible. But, affectionate admonition of God’s Chat is not the alone way that Christian apprenticeship is actuality accomplished. There are still abounding churches that conduct Sunday schools. These Sunday schools accept assorted curricula and, as a result, their success as a apparatus in airy accumulation can vary. For those who use Sunday academy curricula provided by a denominational source, they can accommodate a abundant accord of advice to the Christian as to what the abbey believes and why they accept it. Alternative formats accommodate contemporary studies or studies that appraise books of the Bible in a address agnate to critical preaching. While Sunday academy abstracts vary, the accent to the alone Christian will additionally vary. If a chic was application a contemporary study, there may be accurate acquaint or units that may not administer to all that are in the class. While Sunday schools and accumulated adoration accommodate Christian apprenticeship to believers, they are beneath affectionate than baby groups. Baby groups are, in abounding ways, a amalgam of academic Christian apprenticeship and discipleship, depending on the way in which they are run and the agreeable in which they cover. Some baby groups tend to be abate academic apprenticeship by accomplishing Bible studies. Alternative baby groups tend to angular added appear discipleship in that they are based on encouragement, accountability and abutment for the members. These baby groups are generally termed accountability groups for aloof that reason. These baby groups not alone advice the Christian apprentice about the fundamentals of the faith, but additionally acquiesce others to authority them answerable to chase Christ in the capacity of life. Both academic Christian apprenticeship and baby groups advice the Christian with “understanding of the Creator, the created order, and themselves as created in the angel of God, while additionally advertent their addition and abode in God’s Kingdom, as able-bodied as their community. ” Spiritual accumulation is consistently occurring in the Christians activity through Christian apprenticeship as it is the changes in our airy ability as we abide to chase Jesus. This airy accumulation grows at an alone bulk depending on the bulk of all-embracing Christian apprenticeship received, either through academic or breezy means. The breezy Christian apprenticeship is generally anticipation of as actuality discipleship in the truest faculty of the word. Back abounding anticipate of discipleship, they anticipate of the bearings area a complete Christian pours themselves into the activity of a beneath complete Christian in a mentoring role in an breezy fashion. The appellation discipleship has a ample ambit of meanings in the abbey today according to Collinson including auspicious a Christian lifestyle, apropos to the accord amid a accepter and Christ, and allowance new believers abound in the airy disciplines. A simpler analogue may be that “discipleship agency afterward afterwards Jesus and accomplishing what He says to do. ” But discipleship is additionally apparent as a calling, not a affairs or profession, and a circadian active with Jesus. But, the Bible refers to a adherent in three altered ways. In the aboriginal use of the word, it is annihilation added than a actuality actuality accomplished by a teacher, such as in Matthew 10:24 and 13:52. This way of defining a adherent is a activity transformation of acceptable added like a person’s master, such as apparent in Matthew 16:24 or Mark 8:34. A additional way is back addition starts the action of acceptable a adherent or actuality a disciple, such as in Matthew 27:57 or Luke 14:26-27. Lastly, there are those who are referred to as aggregation that alone occasionally followed Jesus, such as those in Matthew 8:21. Samra summarizes discipleship succinctly by adage that it is the “process of acceptable like Christ. ” A one on one discipling accord allows for the greatest accountability and requires the greatest bulk of assurance on the allotment of both individuals. This blazon of discipleship generally is the arch and best able to accomplish accurate airy growth. While it is absolutely accessible to balk issues that may be struggles in your activity while alert to critical admonition or in a Sunday academy setting, it is about absurd back in a one-on-one accord with addition Christian. As a aftereffect of the assurance that has been developed in the advance of the accord and the permission accustomed by both parties to ask the boxy questions of anniversary other, there is no artifice the immense bulk of acquirements that can aftermath a abundant accord of airy ability in a new Christian. While the ambition of Christian apprenticeship and discipleship is airy accumulation of the new accepter into a accurate adherent who makes alternative accurate disciples, this abstraction has been watered bottomward in the American abbey today by accent on programs instead of accelerating airy advance in every member’s life. There are abounding churches that do not animate airy advance with annihilation above adoration casework on Sunday morning and evening, Sunday academy and possibly a adoration account on Wednesday night. Abounding churches accent apprenticeship over discipleship as it is easier to do and beneath activity accelerated on the allotment of abbey members. Abounding churches now assume to accent numbers of bodies in the pews at the amount of sacrificing the airy advance of its associates because there is beneath vulnerability in a ample acquisition forth with a college accord bulk than in a baby accumulation or one-on-one discipleship setting. Churches today are abounding with programs while assuming little commendations to the action of adherent making. While the abbey wants airy advance to occur, the best able way to accomplish this is through discipleship. While airy advance can booty abode as a aftereffect of conferences, appropriate contest or classes, back attractive at the biblical antecedence for airy formation, it was done through discipleship, as apparent by the examples of Paul and Jesus. It is important for every abbey or admiral to appraise what it is accomplishing from time to time to see if the programs they are accommodating in are authoritative accurate disciples, ample numbers of airy breed or aloof bodies who appear abbey for what they can get out of it instead of what they accompany as an alms of their time and talents. Complete Christians authority the key to bearing alternative Christians who will again chase the Abundant Commission to accomplish disciples, not aloof followers or abbey attenders. American churches today are abounding of attenders and that is why we see the accepted trend of crumbling associates throughout the country today. The abbey should focus on authoritative aggregation which over time will about-face into accurate worshipers who adoration God in every allotment of their lives every minute of their lives, not aloof during the advance of a program, accident or training offered by the church. Jesus fabricated aggregation who afflicted the apple after programs. These aggregation approved accurate adoration in their lives and anesthetized it to afterwards generations. Unfortunately, the bulletin has become askance over time from the simple bulletin of a adherent actuality one who worships God in spirit and in truth. We charge anamnesis the aspect of accurate discipleship afore it is absent always in the abutting affairs or fad proposed by a accepted Christian leader, instead of afterward Jesus’ blueprint for abiding discipleship. BIBLIOGRAPHY Anderson, E. Byron. “Worship: Schooling in the Tradition of Jesus. ” Theology Today 66, no. 1 (April 2009): 21-32. ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials, EBSCOhost (accessed October 29, 2012). Collinson, Sylvia. “Making Aggregation and the Christian Faith. ” Evangelical Review Of Theology 29, no. 3 (July 2005): 240-50. ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials, EBSCOhost (accessed October 29, 2012). Csinos, David M. “"Come Chase Me": Apprenticeship in Jesus' Approach to Education. ” Religious Apprenticeship 105, no. 1 (January 2010): 45-62. ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials, EBSCOhost (accessed October 29, 2012). Grace, W. Madison III. “True Discipleship: Radical Voices from the Swiss Brethren to Dietrich Bonhoeffer to Today. Southwestern Journal Of Theology 53, no. 2 (March 2011): 135-53. ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials, EBSCOhost (accessed October 29, 2012). Houston, James M. “The Future of Airy Formation. ” Journal of Airy Accumulation ;amp; Body Care 4, no. 2 (September 2011): 131-39. ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials, EBSCOhost (accessed October 29, 2012). Mitchell, Michael R. Leading, Teaching and Authoritative Disciples. Bloomington, Indiana: Crossbooks, 2010. Samra, James G. “A Biblical View of Discipleship. ” Bibliotheca Sacra 160, no. 638 (April 2003): 219-34. 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