writing an essay about “the effect of increasing minimum wage on employment rate in South Korea”, 8 pages, economic related, must be original.

The appellation of the article is "The Aftereffect of Increasing Minimum Wage on Employment Rate in South Korea".   8 pages chat certificate (excluding awning sheet, bibliography and appendix) with 12-font admeasurement (Times New Roman), double-space, and 1-inch allowance on all sides.  It charge be original. THE ESSAY SHOULD INCLUDE INFORMATION BELOW: 1. Background advice of the activity bazaar action beneath discussion. This could accommodate the accepted activity bazaar bearings of the country in which the action is implemented, its origins, the affidavit for implementing the policy, how continued the action has been in place, administration agencies, accomplishing issues, etc. 2. Provide a analysis of the absolute analysis on the appulse or after-effects of the activity bazaar action / regulation, altercate their findings, including whether there is a accord or it is still beneath debate, what are the above similarities or differences in their findings; if possible, added analyze the affidavit for the altered allegation so you will be able to bigger appreciate and adapt the results. 3. Present your own appearance on the concise or abiding aftereffect of the activity bazaar policy. You can draw on the analytic accoutrement that you abstruse from the class, you can explain why your attitude is afterpiece to some of the studies while not the others, you can additionally accredit to some real-world examples to added strengthen your points. You charge accommodate a full, abundant bibliography of your sources at the end of your essay. (I already uploaded some accessories you can use, of advance you can add more) You should additionally adduce the antecedent of absolute advice (from accessory sources) presented in the capital anatomy of the essay. Please abstain grammar mistakes, acknowledge you.

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