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 Access a account commodity pertaining to the federal government and either civilian rights or civilian liberties. The antecedent charge be beneath than four weeks old from the time of submission. Acceptable sources: The Dallas Morning News, NPR, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Economist. You are to accommodate the afterward belief in your assignment:  1. Commodity appellation and antecedent – a. Application the MLA appearance of citation, area did you get the article?  b. Accommodate the url, so it can be accessed.  2. Summary -  Briefly and in your own words, abridge the agreeable of the article.  3. Connection : Connect the commodity to a civilian alternative or civilian rights abstraction we accept covered in class.  a. Identify the concept(s) that you accompaniment the commodity connects to. Accommodate a analogue or account of the concept.  b. Describe how the commodity illustrates the concept(s).  4. Connection: Connect the commodity to any federal government abstraction we accept covered in class.  a. Define the concept(s) that you accompaniment the commodity connects to.  b. Describe how the commodity illustrates the concept(s).  Write your cardboard in branch anatomy application acceptable book anatomy with able spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Write the cardboard in your own words. If you charge to use a abbreviate quote, adduce properly. The cardboard should be at atomic 1 folio in length, doublespaced, one inch margins, and 12-inch point chantry with acceptable commendation and MLA format. Use the articulation area you will acquisition about civilian rights and alternative discussed in the class. https://dcccd.blackboard.com/bbcswebdav/pid-12966228-dt-content-rid-101987923_1/courses/2018SP-GOVT-2305-83015/Chapter%205%20PowerPoint.pdf Login credential: username- e3272518 [email protected] USe the absorbed book as a sample

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