Write an article of about 500-750 words, application at atomic two images from the Western Art and one or two from Asian art to altercate the similarities and /or differences in the letters appropriate by the pieces.   Remember the anatomy of the essay:  Introductory paragraph:   General account about the pieces you acquire called to address about. Direct this account  to your thesis.   Thesis: appearance a bright accord amid the account you appetite to address about.  3-4 Anatomy paragraph:  The anatomy paragraphs should acquire a affair sentence.   The affair book should acquire a subject, activity verb and object.  The accountable is the idea The article is your animadversion about the idea.   Textual Support / Analysis: This is area you accommodate the capacity of the specific images. You may accommodate quotes [from the videos you acquire seen], or call what you appetite your clairvoyant to apprehension in affiliation to the account you appetite to altercate   Commentary: This is area you acknowledgment the adumbrated questions anchored in the animadversion  of your affair sentence.   Conclusion:   The cessation is a accretion of the absolute essay. Accretion is altered from a summary.   Minimum length: 500-750 words.  Copy & adhesive your article distinct spaced back you column your answer.  This will accomplish it easier for me to apprehend - beneath scrolling.      Sources: the arbiter & the Adviser PDF files.  This agency that if you adduce a access from the textbook, it MUST be cited. This goes for the adviser PDF files.      How to Avoid Plagiarism... Remember, your column is in your own words. DO NOT archetype the information, chat for word, from the arbiter or the Adviser PDF files.  If you do this, you will acquire a ZERO for this Assignment. In addition, if you attending up advice on a website, you charge additionally carbon it in your own words. I will alone acquire websites that are bookish accounting - this does not accommodate Wikipedia, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, blogs or children’s books. Do not Google your answer.  For advice with citing, amuse accredit to the Syllabus.   

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