Summary  For readability, amuse be abiding to double-space your assignments Not continued afterwards your retirement from a continued and acknowledged career as a corpuscle biologist, you accept an email from a government bureau gluttonous your ascribe in aggravating to accept a single-celled life-form that was apparent active in asteroids by a automatic probe. The delving had a simple microscope and was able to actuate several backdrop of these adopted cells, called xenocytes. They include: · Continued strings of nucleic acids (interestingly, with an Arsenic backbone, rather than Phosphorus). · Another organelle absorbs gamma radiation to catechumen circuitous molecules into a silicon-based amoroso that is acclimated by the blow of the cell. · Left abandoned in space, the beastly is somehow able to accumulate from freezing throughout abeyant phases. However, during times of greater cellular activity, there is a appropriate organelle that appears to access the temperature of the corpuscle alike added as corpuscle functions are agitated out. The government abettor appears to be absolutely bewildered, as he never took his science studies actively as a apprentice and is now actuality asked to allege to the accessible about the discoveries. He asks you to accept and call the abeyant functions of anniversary of these apparatus to addition with no science background. You accomplish a brainy agenda that you (1) plan to allegorize the aboriginal two to bulb and beastly corpuscle structures, and that (2) you will accept to explain some basal thermodynamic attempt in answer the third. Finally, (3) you are able to adumbrate a few alternative important corpuscle functions that are acceptable to be apparent based on what you apperceive about activity on Earth. Amuse accommodate your acknowledgment to the abettor below.

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