Answer this 2  questions in 4 hrs plz 1)Should Latin America be advised allotment of the western world? Why, or why not? Take a ancillary and use examples to absolve your position, and alike use appearance from our alternative regions if possible. (in your own words, adduce and sources, etc.)  2)What are some above media issues in Latin America currently?  ​Find a few (3-4) examples application one of the afterward topics: -​​What are the cultural, ethnic, linguistic or alternative character based issues in Latin America according to account or amusing media about Latin America? How are they imagined? -What are the political issues that affix or bisect Europe? How does backroom appear at altered scales? How is backroom absurd in Latin America? -What are the bread-and-butter issues in Latin America? What types of bread-and-butter activities appear there? Are countries wealthy? Is abundance distributed? Is there a constant akin of development?  How are bread-and-butter issues absurd in Latin America? -What are the citizenry and demographic issues? Is citizenry  expanding, abiding or shrinking? How has citizenry afflicted with time What  challenges (or opportunities) are a aftereffect of citizenry changes? How are citizenry issues imagined? -What are the clearing issues? Where is the centralized and alien immigration? What are some of the push/pull factors?  How are clearing issues imagined? (make an argument, adduce your sources and the accepted rules about pasting agreeable that's not your own apply) 

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