Research topic: Appulse of avant-garde technology in education 1. Introduction Over the accomplished few years, there has been a cogent admission in the use of avant-garde technology in the apprenticeship area (Wankel, & Blessinger 162). Internet admission and the availability of computer technologies accept additionally added and this has impacted the apprenticeship area in abounding ways.   Statement of the problem Educators accept a lot of absorption in free if the resources, time and money invested in avant-garde technology has a absolute appulse on education. Apprenticeship entails abounding aspects and accordingly there is a abundant charge to actuate how the above aspects of apprenticeship are afflicted by technology. Purpose of the study The cold of the abstraction is to appraise the appulse of the use of technology in the apprenticeship sector. The assay activity will seek to acknowledgment the afterward questions: What is the aftereffect of technology on interactions of learners? What is the appulse on technology on the commitment of the curriculum? What is the aftereffect of technology on additional accent acquisition? 2. Literature review This area will accommodate a absolute assay of absolute studies on the appulse of technology on education. The abstracts and advice will be calm from books and peer-reviewed articles. 3. Assay alignment and design The abstraction will use both qualitative and quantitive assay so as to appear up with reliable allegation on the aftereffect of technology on education. In adjustment to accommodated the objectives of the research, the abstraction will use both accessory and primary data. The accessory abstracts will abundantly accord to the accomplishments of the study. The primary abstracts will be calm through questionnaires and interviews. 4. Allegation and analysis This area will appearance an outline of the allegation of the study. The abstracts will be presented in graphs, columns, and rows etc. This will advice in evaluating the abstracts to appear up with bright and reliable conclusions.   5. Cessation and acceptation of the study A cessation of the abstraction will be accomplished afterwards allegory the findings. The ambition of this abstraction is to accomplish any alteration on how technology is acclimated to advance the commitment of apprenticeship curriculum.     References Ng, Eugenia M., Nikos Karacapilidis, and Mahesh S. Raisinghani. Evaluating the appulse of technology on learning, teaching, and designing class : arising trends. Hershey, PA: Advice Science Reference, 2012. Print. Wankel, Laura A., and Patrick Blessinger. Increasing Student Engagement and Retention Using Immersive Interfaces : Virtual Worlds, Gaming, and Simulation. Bingley, U.K: Emerald, 2012. Print.

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