Writer’s Notebook 2.1: Annotations for “Your Brain Lies to You” by Sam Wang and Sandra Aamodt

                                         Annotation Assignment Please complete the afterward accomplish to comment and abide the absorbed account assignment. Download the Microsoft Chat book (or PDF if you appetite to duke comment or see the aboriginal version). Annotate the article. Turn on Track Changes in Microsoft Chat beneath the Review tab first. Complete Step 1: Predict and Preview afore you read. Read a branch and again abridge (paraphrase) it in one sentence. In Microsoft Word, highlight the aftermost chat in the paragraph, and again bang the Comment box and blazon your arbitrary in the box. Define all cant words you don't know. Blazon the analogue anon in the book abutting to the word. Highlight the capital account in the argument and accentuate the acknowledging capacity or absorbing quotes/facts (annotate). Use the adviser on the certificate for your annotations. Complete the account questions at the end. Save your book assimilate your computer with the completed questions and annotations. Resubmit your completed appointment by beat on the articulation aloft and adhering your file. You accept two choices back commutual this assignment. You can use the Track Changes in Microsoft Chat to acknowledgment the questions and annotate, or you can download and book the PDF and duke address anon on the article. Be abiding you additionally download the Chat file, so you apperceive what the account questions are at the end of the article. Again you can booty a account of your annotations and abide them back you are finished.  Grading rubric: Pre-reading                 10 Summaries                  40 Vocabulary                  10 Annotating                   20 Two column questions     20 Total                            100

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