Write the draft letter for the VP’s signature, and write a brief paper on how you will handle your team who labored with you for two months to put the draft proposal together.

Leadership Scenario: You accept been a activity administrator for several years and are advised one of the ascent stars in your company. Your contempo projects accept been actual successful; you accept consistently fabricated added accumulation on your jobs than the aggregation anticipation possible; you accept assassin acceptable bodies and put calm accomplished activity teams. For the accomplished two months, back you are amid projects, the aggregation has acclimated you as the aggregation baton to put calm a angle responding to an RFP from a dent company—Flashcom—for a $100 actor dent facility. Your aggregation is one of bristles arrive by Flashcom to respond. If you could win this job it would be a aboriginal with this accurate dent company. You accept formed adamantine with a aggregation of 10 to put calm a abstract angle that is acknowledging and will hopefully win the job for your company. Yesterday your aggregation presented your abstract angle to a five-member aggregation administration team, chaired by the Vice President and Division Manager. The final angle is due in three days. This was a go-no-go accommodation meeting. The administration aggregation asked several questions that your aggregation could not acknowledgment actual well. After abundant altercation at the cessation of the meeting, the Vice President said, “I’m not adequate with your abstract proposal. There are too abounding apart ends and too abounding unknowns. Your aggregation did a acceptable job of putting the abstract angle together, but I don’t anticipate we should compete. Prepare a letter to Flashcom for my signature, advising them that we will not acknowledge to the RFP. Accept the abstract on my board in the morning.” With that directive, the administration aggregation departs and you sit there abashed with your aggregation members. Address the abstract letter for the VP’s signature, and address a abrupt cardboard on how you will handle your aggregation who affected with you for two months to put the abstract angle together.

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