Write a researched argument about an issue affecting your future career field, your major field, or your community, or focus on an issue described in the readings you’ve done from the book.

Write a researched altercation about an affair affecting your approaching career field, your above field, or your community, or focus on an affair declared in the readings you’ve done from the book. And additionally the abstract of it. This cardboard is your own argument, but you should booty into annual what you’ve abstruse during this course:  activate by assuming the chat your cardboard is responding to (“they say,” which should accommodate bright positions on the topic), accept a bright account of your own altercation about the affair (“I say"), accommodate quotes and absorb them calmly (both in the “they say” and “I say” paragraphs), point out accessible objections to your argument, use adapted transitions, and explain why the affair affairs (so what? who cares?).  You charge use at atomic 5 sources and at atomic 2 charge be from bookish associate advised journals.  You should additionally accord your altercation a bright appellation at the alpha of your essay. And don't balloon there are two things that you accept to submit, one is the abstract and addition one is the paper.   Recommended structure:  For this cardboard you accept 5-6 pages to assignment with and you charge to include, in effect, five major parts: Introduction: includes an overview of the chat (names of key authors and the issues you’re bringing up), a abrupt account of your altercation (or apriorism statement), and a abrupt account of why your altercation matters summary of 2 or 3 authors or arguments, with quotes as evidence summary of how they agree/disagree; accommodate quotes if necessary your own assessment and your affidavit for your assessment (which includes at atomic one naysayer); accommodate quotes as evidence Conclusion: includes a acknowledgment sentence, a digest of your argument, and a developed account of why your altercation matters Note that these are bristles parts, not paragraphs (exceptions: the addition and the cessation are usually one branch each).  What could this attending like?  Here's an example:  After the abrupt anterior branch (where you acquaint your topic, an overview of the chat you're entering, a faculty of your altercation and briefly why your altercation matters), you ability accept a arbitrary of one columnist (1 paragraph), afresh a arbitrary of the additional columnist (1 paragraph), and a arbitrary of addition columnist or position (1 paragraph).  Afresh you ability accept one branch that explains how they accede or disagree (though you can already allude to that in the arbitrary paragraphs through phrases like "Unlike X, Y asserts that...").  Note that the branch that explains how the authors or arguments agree or disagree is still "they say," back you're not yet putting advanced your own assessment on the issues.  At that point you'll accept accounting about 3 pages.  Afresh you address your own altercation ("I say") in affiliation to the chat you've set up (about two pages).  At that point you've accounting about 5 pages.  Afresh you end with a absolute paragraph, area you blanket it up with a acknowledgment book and afresh explain why it matters. Keep in apperception that this way of alignment your altercation is alone a suggestion; it doesn't accept to be absolutely like that.  But hopefully this gives you an abstraction of what this affectionate of cardboard could attending like.Grading Guide:  I will brand your MWP3 according to the afterward allocation guide.  Use this adviser back autograph your paper.Introduction (10 points)Includes an overview of the chat (names of key authors and the issues you’re bringing up), bright "I say" account (thesis) placed in affiliation to authors, and a abrupt account of why your altercation matters"They say” (20 points):  Shows chat cardboard is responding toSummary includes basal advice about authors as able-bodied as the abounding appellation of essays; summaries do not accede or disagree with authors (summaries abide worldview); summaries use adult arresting verbs to abridge authors' points; no advertisement or “closest cliché” (pp. 31, 35, 33)Quoting (20 points): Uses quotes accurately and appropriatelyQuotes acclimated to present "proof of evidence" (p. 42) in arbitrary of authors' arguments -- Quotes should not be “orphans” (p. 43) -- Quotes should be affected appropriately (“quotation sandwich”) (p. 46) -- Quotes should be Introduced with adapted verb (p. 47) -- Quotes should present “proof of evidence” (p. 42) -- Indicates folio cardinal of adduce (p. 48)"I Say" (20 points):  Bright account of your own argumentClearly distinguishes "they say" from "I say" – Clearly signals who is adage what: Uses at atomic one arrangement from pp. 72-75 -- "I say" includes bright affidavit for altercation that are not artlessly summaries of authors' arguments – Clearly plants naysayer to abutment “I say” altercation (use at atomic one arrangement from pp. 82, 83,84-85, 89).Conclusion (10 points)Includes at atomic one “return sentence” in the cessation to admonish clairvoyant of what “they say” (p. 27); includes a digest of apriorism or “I say”; includes a developed account of why your altercation affairs (uses templates from pp. 95-96, 98-99).Bibliography or Works Cited (10 points)Includes able bibliographic anatomy -- no annotations included actuality -- includes 5 sources; 2 charge be peer-reviewedEditing and accent (10 points)No alteration errors (spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting); Uses able accent (formal area appropriate, breezy area appropriate)

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