Write A Paper Comparing And Contrasting The Collection Of Secondary Data And Their Uses Versus The Analysis Of Current Health Care Records And Internal Data Such As Incident Reports And Patient Surveys. • Explain How Health Care Organizations Use Se

You assignment at a baby community-based hospital as a administrator in the affection affirmation department. One action of your job is to assay centralized abstracts such as medical records, accommodating surveys, and adventure letters to clue trends and advice advance accommodating affliction delivery. The administrator aloof came aback from a academy on affection benchmarking and has asked about the achievability of allegory accessory abstracts from the bloom affliction industry as a way to criterion and admeasurement the organization's affection achievement adjoin its peers. Prepare a address on the use of both accessory abstracts and centralized abstracts as way to advance affection in your organization. Complete the following: <br /> • Write a cardboard comparing and allegory the accumulating of accessory abstracts and their uses against the assay of accepted bloom affliction annal and centralized abstracts such as adventure letters and accommodating surveys.<br /> • Explain how bloom affliction organizations use accessory abstracts as a allegory to centralized data.<br /> • Assess the authority and believability of primary and accessory abstracts in administering bloom affliction research. <br /> • Compose an operational plan to cycle abstracts or application's functionality to addition belvedere or application.<br />

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