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   samples included in absorbed files Overview of the Assignment You will accept about two weeks to complete this absolute assignment. This one is account 25 points.  Letter Appointment Part #1 I would like you to address a letter of about seven-nine paragraphs or so to a apprentice who is demography an online advance for the aboriginal time. The archetype is the album gives you a basal abstraction of what to do. It isn’t the exact letter.  What I would like you to do is advice adviser this apprentice through a division in an online course. Focus on these topics:  · acceptable accustomed with the blackboard.com site · application the altercation lath and alternative alternate features · alive on your own, rather than actuality in a classroom · giving an overview of the allowances of an online advance (you should account them in a bulleted architecture as this apprentice does in the red album example) · advertence the drawbacks of an online advance (you should additionally account those) · interacting with your adviser and your classmates; and, acquirements to ask questions back you are abashed about an appointment (advise this apprentice not to delay too continued to ask a question). Your letter can be about two pages long. You can accessible it with Dear WCCC Online Student, In your introduction, accompaniment how abounding online classes you accept taken, and additionally announce your all-embracing assessment of them (positive, negative, or mixed). In this letter, you can use “I” and you don’t charge to use “We” as this apprentice did in the sample assignments. Accomplish abiding to alpha your paragraphs off with a bright affair sentence, and try to accurate an assessment or “attitude” as you accessible anniversary paragraph. In anniversary paragraph, focus on one affair mentioned above. You aloof charge three-four sentences for anniversary paragraph.  At the end of anniversary paragraph, accomplish abiding to add a absolute sentence. Aloof alpha added what you are stressing. You can use phrases like, “I acutely believe,” “There is no question,” “Without a doubt,” “I am certain,” etc. Aloof try to accent your thoughts.  After your introduction, you can use either six or seven abbreviate paragraphs. You can absolutely amalgamate the aftermost two capacity mentioned aloft into one branch absorption on interacting with your adviser & alternative acceptance in the class, and allurement questions promptly.  In your conclusion, announce that you achievement that you accept accustomed a bright overview. Wish them luck with their online class. Encourage them to break focused for the absolute semester. You will assurance with, Sincerely, Your Name Major

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