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 Assignment 3 Suggested Length: 750 to 1000 words Ethical Theories to Apply: Golden Rule and Virtue Ethics  1. Appointment You appointment in the Ethics Administration for ABC Aggregation (ABC). Your administration is committed to advising its advisers about their ethical obligations in the accumulated setting. You are an centralized adviser who provides admonition and best importantly, recommendations for activity to advisers of the firm. All communications you accept in this accommodation are confidential. Luke, an agent of ABC, comes to you with the afterward book and asks for your advice. He wants to absolutely accede the situation. Your appointment is to admonish and acclaim a advance of activity based on the defined ethical lenses and facts as given. Below are the facts that Luke provides to you. ***** Luke has been asked to appointment on a activity that involves developing acreage afresh purchased by ABC to body an developed ball retail store. According to the plan, the acreage is amid on the bend of the adjacency area Owen, Luke’s brother, lives. Luke knows that as anon as the affairs for the abundance are fabricated public, acreage ethics for the surrounding adjacency will abatement significantly. ABC affairs to about advertise the activity one ages from today. Luke is anxious about his obligations of acquaintance to his company. However, Luke is additionally actual abutting to Owen, who afresh told Luke that he accustomed an action to advertise his abode at an “okay” amount accustomed the accepted absolute acreage market. Owen is because affairs but hasn’t fabricated any final accommodation yet. He wonders if he ability get a bigger action a few years from now back the absolute acreage bazaar improves. What is the ethical issue, why is this an issue, and what should Luke do about it? ***** For appointment 3, adapt a memo, ambience out your assay and recommendations, that considers ONLY the afterward two theories: Golden Rule and Virtue Ethics.  

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