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Essay: Write a 800-1500 chat article acclamation anniversary of the afterward questions. Be abiding to absolutely acknowledgment all the questions. Separate anniversary area in your cardboard with a bright branch that allows your assistant to apperceive which catechism you are acclamation in that area of your paper. Support your account with at atomic two (2) citations in your essay. Make abiding to advertence the citations application the APA autograph appearance for the essay. The awning folio and advertence folio do not calculation appear the minimum chat amount.1. Cite examples of how earlier adults can atone for age-related concrete declines.2. Cite affirmation that both abiogenetic and ecology factors accord to Alzheimer’s ache and cerebrovascular dementia.3. Describe cerebral functions that are maintained or advance in backward adulthood. What aspects of crumbling accord to them?4. Cite appearance of neighborhoods and residential communities that enhance elders’ activity satisfaction.5. Why is acclimation to late-life annulment usually added difficult for women and acclimation to widowhood added difficult for men?6. What cerebral and abode factors adumbrate favorable acclimation to retirement?7. Explain why earlier adults anticipate and allocution added about afterlife than do adolescent bodies but feel beneath afraid about it.

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