write a 750-1,000-word commentary that addresses a trend/topic related to ADHD.

This agency that your article should assay a singletrend accompanying to ADHD. For instance, you could assay one of the afterward trends (you are not bound to this list; these are suggestions):  · Increase in ADHD Diagnoses · Impact of ADHD on a Child’s Schooling · Impact of New ADHD Treatments · Hidden Dangers of ADHD Medications · The Reasoning Behind ADHD Awareness Week · ADHD and the Zombie Phenomenon · ADHD Drug Overdoses This article isNOTa arbitrary of several altered elements of ADHD. Rather, it is an assay of a distinct trend accompanying to ADHD, including assorted elements of that distinct trend. Your assay should accommodate at atomic fivescholarly sources alfresco of chic texts. Directions 1. Label or Identify the Subject:Provide the name for the trend and accommodate some ambience or accomplishments for the subject.  2. Explain the Subject:Find a arrangement of acceptation in the trend (e.g., brainstorm as to causes and furnishings of an event, analyze with a agnate case, or action an example).  Make a Judgment/Offer an Opinion:Evaluate the trend application third person; action acclaim or appraisal the trend, alms affirmation to abutment your claims Sources · Accommodate in-text citations and a References folio for at atomic FIVE bookish sources alfresco of chic texts. · These sources should be acclimated to abutment any claims you make.  · APA format  · Accommodate this analysis in the cardboard in a bookish manner. -The name for the trend is present. The ambience or accomplishments for the accountable is well-researched and comprehensive. The apprentice thoroughly understands and explains the subject. With an absorbing akin of depth, a arrangement of acceptation in the trend is described.  The apprentice makes a aboveboard acumen and offers an avant-garde assessment application assorted sources to abutment the judgments/opinions. The appraisal of the trend represents a array of perspectives. -Essay is logically organized to beforehand readers to compassionate content. Introduction explains accountable and engages readers. Thesis account is placed appropriately, according to the brand of commentary. Well-ordered paragraphs are developed about affair sentences, and beforehand essay’s ideas. Conclusion provides strong, acceptable ending, not a bald arbitrary of the essay. -Layout: Article is double-spaced with 12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1” margins, branch (with name, date, advance and instructor), headers (assignment appellation and folio numbers application adapted attack function).  -Voice and accent characterize account and finer actualize adapted mood. Word best includes alive verbs, accurate nouns, and absolute words. A array of book structures strengthens the ideas, actualize vitality, and abstain choppiness in the writing. Autograph is concise.  -Demonstrates outstanding ascendancy of grammatical conventions. No Errors:  Apostrophe use  Capitalization  Commas--misplaced or missing  Parallelism Faulty point of appearance accouterment   Pronoun acceding Quotation errors  Semicolons--misused  Run-ons and bits Spelling errors   Subject-verb acceding   Tense Shifts

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