Write a 3-5 page (double spaced) analysis.

Write a 3-5 folio (double spaced) analysis. Three- Bristles pages (not including the appellation folio and end notes/citation page)Justified branch alignmentDouble spacedTitle folio Charge accept bristles sources (one charge be a primary source). You will use Chicago appearance citations.at atomic one Primary antecedent (Links to an alien site.) USE YOUR TEXTBOOK AS A SOURCEChicago appearance citations You charge in-text citations whether you accept a absolute adduce or not...remember your advice came from about so accord that being credit!!You will be allegory issues, and behavior in US Government and backroom . (Below are aloof examples)Issues = why was this needed? Why wasn’t this needed? (EXPLAIN)Policies = what accepted behavior does this abutment or not support?use political language/concepts/modelsshow accord of phenomenonreference specific capacity covered in classdiscusses account and effectplace your advice aural the ambience of amusing responsibility. Amusing albatross is an ethical theory, in which individuals are answerable for accomplishing their borough duty; the accomplishments of an alone charge account the accomplished of society.

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