You will analyze the botheration or befalling and altercate a applicable band-aid based on your assay of the case. The accepted anatomy of all critical analyses: 1. Describe the business situation, including the macro-environmental and micro- ecology altitude adverse the organization. 2. Develop the botheration statement: the befalling or blackmail adverse the organization. 3. What another strategies and programs would you accede in dealing with the befalling or blackmail to the organization? Present anniversary another in acceptable detail to accord the clairvoyant an abstraction of why it may be beneficial. 4. Recommend one or added of the alternatives you accept identified.  Inform the clairvoyant of your affidavit for these recommendations. 5. Describe tracking metrics to actuate whether your recommended strategies and programs are effective.  Be abiding to accommodate both average and absolute metrics to adviser management’s redirection of abortive strategies. 6. Summarize what you accept abstruse from your analytical analysis. You are encouraged to do alien assay on the industry or the aggregation as a ambience for your analysis. In - text antecedent citations and a absolute bibliography are required.  Your address charge accommodate the focal account additional at atomic three references in accession to the company’s website or Wikipedia. must beneath than 3page

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