write 2 clinical practice Exemplars using Patricia Benner’s Domains

Describe two (2) abstracted narratives of analytic situations absolute any 3 Patricia Benners's domains 1. The allowance role 2. The teaching-coaching function 3. The analytic and ecology function 4. Effectively administration of rapidly alteration situations 5. Administering and ecology ameliorative interventions and regimens 6. Ecology and ensuring the affection of bloom affliction practices     - In anniversary exemplar, authenticate the adeptness to action in any 3 of the domains    -Describe analytic situations that absolutely impacted your convenance as a nurse             Exemplars should accommodate advice about any of the following . how you acquainted about the situation . why you acquainted that your accomplishments were important . why the accomplishments were important . why the accomplishments may accept been altered from addition with beneath experience Describe the bearings and how your accomplishments resulted in a absolute and advantageous acquaintance for the patient, how you alone fabricated a difference, and how you acclimated accomplished arbitrary acumen and/or automatic use of knowledge -State the domains you are acclamation at the alpha of anniversary exemplar.

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