Worldview Paper for Nursing

Tina Abraham Nyack College Professor Inseon Hwang NUR 301: Christian Assistant Christian Worldview: Christianity vs. Accuracy Introduction A worldview is not bent artlessly by a distinct factor, value, acceptance or view. It can be declared as a accumulating of behavior a actuality has about his or her activity and the apple around. This worldview can accommodate aspects such as a connected accommodation authoritative process, an abstraction of what is appropriate or wrong, and additionally who or what ascendancy do I account and follow. This appearance can adapted consistently by factors including adventures that a actuality ability face, a alteration environment, and altered values. There are abounding altered types of worldviews and perspectives bodies accept about the apple that advice to appearance who they are. In abounding professions it is analytical to accept a able foundation and a close worldview to advice abide accustomed battles and difficult situations that may arise. Nurses abnormally are faced with altered and difficult situations about every day of their alive careers. In these situations it is important to accept a connected accommodation authoritative action and a able acceptance in what is moral and ethical. I accept that my worldview as a Christian has helped me to accomplish moral and ethical decisions in my activity and has shaped my character, and will abide to do so as a nurse. What is a Christian Worldview? I accept Christianity is based on activity and teaching of Jesus as presented in Old and New Testament. There are three bigger groups of Christianity in the world; they are the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church and the protestant camp which has abounding alternative denominations in it (McCalman 2009). As a adolescent Catholic, I was to acquire abounding prayers, one actuality the Apostle Creed. In the canon it is declared that “Jesus suffered, died and was active and in the third day He rose again, He will appear to adjudicator the active and the dead. ” I was accomplished that He will acknowledgment to adjudicator and anybody who believes in Him and they will be accustomed abiding life. The advance of Christianity extends from the cities of Hellenized Roman Empire to East Africa and gradually appear the South Asia (Robert 2011). Abounding Apostles catholic broadly and accustomed new communities in abounding of the above cities and regions throughout. In absoluteness Christianity is an complete claimed God exists. He created aggregate in the apple that we alive in now. We apperceive that the cosmos as we apperceive it has a alpha and will accept an end. We are altered conception of God, in Genesis 1:27 it is declared “so God created man in His own angel of God he created him; macho and changeable he created them. ” That agency we are personal, eternal, spiritual, and biological animal beings to God. We apprentice the accuracy about God through adumbration and accepting acceptance in God. We apprentice the accuracy about the apple he created through the Bible. Christian’s accept abounding moral and ethical ethics which are considerately bidding of an complete moral being. Also Christians accept in the Ten Commandments, the angelic sacraments and the apostle’s creed, which we apprentice about moral values. In aboriginal Christian belief, Judaism came into actuality afore Christianity and believed that it was disconnected into a new adoration from Judaism anon afterwards the abolition of the additional Temple that happened in the year 70 CE (Schrijvers 2009). In Christian belief, Jesus Christ is the prophesied Messiah in Torah or the Hebrew Bible. The foundations of Christianity and all the arch claims that are accustomed by the followers can be apparent in the all-comprehensive creeds (Robert 20110. As a Christian or a addict or any worldview it is important to acknowledgment the catechism “Who am I? ” In my acceptance and compassionate I accept that I was created by God, and from His easily I was accustomed into my mother’s hands. The purpose that I alive anniversary day on this apple is to serve God and be a attestation of his benevolence and grace. The Catholic Churches are headed by bishops in a airy abutment with the Pope, and the Bishop of Rome is advised as the centermost of ability in agreement of faith, behavior and basilica affairs (Robbins 2010). As a Christian there are ethics that I accept and I still authority on to, and will abide to authority assimilate for years to come. Some baby examples accommodate acceptance adjoin aborticide and I additionally accept that sex afore alliance is immoral. I acerb accept in the seven sacraments and I accept that we should consistently adjure for the dead. As a Christian I accept in acknowledgment and I acerb accept in the afterlife. As a Christian I accept abstruse to consistently absolve and balloon anyone that has sinned adjoin our God. Forth with abounding alternative Christians, I alive in the apple that He created and I am patiently cat-and-mouse for His additional coming. It took me a while to apperceive area I was activity with my activity and I knew the alone way that I could get any acknowledgment is through adoration and accepting acceptance in my God. As I angle actuality today I apperceive He has a plan for me and I apperceive that with Him by my ancillary there can be cipher adjoin me as declared in Romans 8:31. Additionally as a Christian we all accept went adjoin God’s commandments and we accept accustomed sin into our lives. Alike admitting we do amiss and sin on a circadian basis, we accept abstruse as Christian’s that we charge to fix the botheration by be acquiescent to God’s calling and apologize so that we can be adored through this benevolence and grace. Every actuality on this apple has a abundant purpose they are activity to accomplish throughout their life. I accept my purpose actuality is to serve God for what he is calling me for. It took a while to apperceive that he was calling to me to become a nurse, and every day that goes by I apperceive this is my calling to God, to serve bodies that are ill. I apperceive that actuality a assistant sometimes can be difficult but I apperceive that God has all-powerful me to advice the ailing and booty affliction of them. I apperceive as a Christian back I die, I will die alive God and I will die accepting acceptance in my God. I am not abashed to die because God accepted me my activity and he has all the ability in the apple to booty me one back it my time to go. Area am I activity afterwards I die? It is still a abstruseness to all what will appear back their afterlife day comes. As a Christian growing up, I was consistently accomplished that God will booty our souls to a abode alleged heaven, area we will accept abiding and abiding life. Behavior and Ethical Issues in Accustomed Active There accept been abounding adventures in my activity that did not forth with my behavior and belief accommodation making. It is important to accept that bodies accept worldviews and because of that they will act abnormally in a situation. In these situations I accept that I would accept acted abnormally than the alternative actuality accomplishing the accommodation making. A ancestors acquaintance of abundance who was affiliated lived with both her parents at home. The bedmate and wife were appropriately affiliated and were additionally bother doctors. The sad allotment of this adventure was that the parents were both ill, the mother actuality terminally ill. Because of the active lifestyles of the bedmate and wife, they did not accept time to booty of the parents nor did they accept time for anniversary alternative at times. They both believed that putting their parents into a nursing home was the appropriate affair to do because they are cerebration they can get the affliction that they charge from nurses and addition will consistently watch the parents. I still bethink till this day the attending on the mother and ancestor s face back they begin out they were activity to be active in a nursing home. They were afraid because they did not apperceive area they were activity and they weren’t as chatty in the English language. As a Christian I could not accept why this was accident because in the Ten Commandments it states to account thy mother and father. That agency you will do every admeasurement to accumulate them safe in your accoutrements as they did for you. The actuality that the mother could not get advice from their own accouchement hurts me because they are both in the medical profession. The wife needs to apperceive that she is sending that woman that aloft her and took affliction of her and adequate her from any angry to a nursing home area she will not be blessed or secure. I believed that the bedmate and wife bare to accomplish time for their mother because the advice that she will get from her own babe will accomplish her feel abundant better. The affliction that her mother is feeling, the babe will never accept until the babe becomes a mother herself. Then I asked myself as I larboard their abode is there absolutely bodies in the apple like this who would be atrocious to their parents. I bethink visiting their parents in the nursing home, and the mother was accepting worse and worse anniversary day. Back I asked the assistant how she was activity the assistant told me that she does not booty any of her medication and she does not eat anything. All she does is break in her allowance with her bedmate and allocution about how she wants to die. Back the assistant told me what was activity on it artlessly bankrupt my heart. The assistant explained to me how she was abashed that their babe would do this to them back they were financially abiding and could accord abundant affliction at home actuality that they were both doctors. At that point I alike anticipation of demography the parents to my own home. I bethink cogent her that you charge to booty your medication and eat aliment because we do not get to chose back we die because that accommodation belongs to God. I bethink as I was abrogation her room, she pulled me and told me that her babe has not alike appear to see her already this anniversary or alike analysis up on her and she feels she is not capital by her daughter. To accomplish her feel bigger I told her, your babe will appear anon and maybe she is active but she will be actuality soon. I capital to accomplish her feel bigger afore I larboard the allowance and I capital her to accept a peaceful affection as she was laying the bed. It is sad to say that anniversary later, her mother had anesthetized abroad in the nursing home. I accept that it impacted them so abundant that they anticipation it was best to booty their ancestor home. I was praying generally for them so that God would accord her a change of heart. What is a Naturalistic Worldview? I accept that the babe in this adventure takes up a naturalistic worldview. Naturalism is based on science and not on acceptable religious principles. In comparison, it is not the exact adverse of Christianity. However, it does not accept that there is a God that fabricated the world. The followers of accuracy accept that the cosmos is absolute by accustomed laws and that the cosmos alone exists because of these laws. The cosmos gradually unfolds amid itself and is commutual with our minds and bodies. Aggregate that happens is an aftereffect of the ambiance and additionally is a account of article abroad to appear not annihilation accompanying to God. The naturalist believes that they are a aftereffect of a alternation of advance events. They accept that there is no abundant purpose abaft my life. They may additionally accept that there was no appropriate acceptation or a will abaft it and that aggregate that happens in their activity is a aftereffect of a account and aftereffect bearings (Naturalism 2007)). The naturalist is in a cosmos that unravels itself. The cosmos has aloof developed these awful circuitous bacilli (humans) that accept the adequacy to accept animosity of cocky reflection, suffering, wonder, joy, etc…our alertness and animosity of best are not intertwined with any abnormal blow (Stanley 2011). Conclusion Through the allegory of the two worldviews I accept appear to an compassionate that our accomplishments and decisions advice to acquaint us as who we are as a person. In the nursing career there will be abounding times back a actuality is faced with difficulties in altered areas not bound too but including accommodating affliction and additionally with co-workers. During these difficult times in our lives it is important to let God in our lives and let his handle the bearings instead of worrying. After autograph and brainstorming for the paper, I accept appear to a stronger compassionate that I accept a actual able foundation in Christianity and a able worldview. I apperceive that through adoration and advice from God, it will advice me in my accommodation authoritative process. . References (2007, August 31). Naturalism. Electronic Ardell Wellness Report (E-AWR). p. 3. Modernism, Christianity, and Business Ethics: A Worldview Perspective David Kim, Dan Fisher and David McCalman Journal of Business Ethics , Vol. 90, No. 1 (Nov. , 2009), pp. 115-121 Robert, D. L. (2011). Cross-Cultural Friendship in the Conception of Twentieth-Century Apple Christianity. International Bulletin Of Missionary Research, 35(2), 100-107. Robbins, J. (2010). Anthropology, Pentecostalism, and the New Paul: Conversion, Event, and Social Transformation. South Atlantic Quarterly, 109(4), 633-652. Schrijvers, J. (2009). What Comes afterwards Christianity? Jean-Luc Nancy's Deconstruction of Christianity. Research In Phenomenology, 39(2), 266-291. Stanley, M. (2011). THE UNIFORMITY OF NATURAL LAWS IN VICTORIAN BRITAIN: NATURALISM, THEISM, AND SCIENTIFIC PRACTICE. Zygon: Journal Of Adoration ; Science, 46(3), 536-560.

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