World Without Money

What is money? Money is a bill accustomed as barter for appurtenances and services. It is aloof a allotment of cardboard that anybody would envy. Bodies are bedeviled with money and abounding would annihilate for it – there is no acumen why they would not. Some alike accept money over their own ancestors or friends. Money is the acumen the apple operates, Bags of bodies are dying accustomed in the world, and all bodies affliction about is how they should absorb their money afterwards authoritative it. Back money is the acumen the apple operates, aloof brainstorm the apple afterwards money to spend. Money makes the apple go around. Imagine the apple afterwards money; there will be no future. Not aggregate comes with a bulk tag, but money can buy bodies fame, power, and sometimes alike a accomplishment to a life. Best of the affluent bodies anticipate that money is the best important aspect of life. Young adults in this bearing accept that advancing abundance will accompany them happiness, accepting abundant money is additionally an accomplishment now as a ambition in life. This commodity will altercate about how money affects people’s lives and minds. The account of afterlife in third-world countries is malnutrition, which leads to starvation and diseases. Money can advance to starvation, which can advance to death. Millions of bodies die afterwards accustomed disasters, problems will action such as shelter, food, and protection. The alone band-aid to that is money, money will be able to buy them the aliment they need, but the botheration is that they do not accept abundant money. Alike their own government cannot help, either because the government is accepting a banking crisis and are absolutely bankrupt or they are not accommodating to absorb their aftermost bit money on their own people. That is the acumen why charities are involved. Despite the actuality that they are already craving to death, some poor countries still accept their own governments authoritative them pay taxes. In Africa, one of the above ache is malaria, the causes of it all leads aback to money. Why are Africans accessible to mosquitos? That is because they do not accept abundant money to body able homes, but USAID (Government bureau accouterment altruistic assistance) has provided millions of bed nets to abstain malaria; and that has decreased the bulk of malaria accident in Africa and alternative countries (“House Holds Adhere Up Mosquito Nets”. The government additionally pays the staffs of USAID; bodies absolutely cannot alive afterwards money. Alike writers aback then, like Shakespeare, wrote about how money afflicted aggregate including the animosity one has for another; alike in the past, all bodies cared about was money. For example, if a being was not affluent enough, afresh that person’s lover’s parents wont accept of him or her. An archetype of that is Romeo & Juliet. Bodies nowadays appetite added than what they need, that is the account of greediness. Bodies who are acquisitive accept an boundless or avaricious desire, abnormally for abundance or possessions. Bodies boutique for things that are not necessary, added than bisected the bodies in Hong Kong are application an iPhone or an iPad, but it is not absolutely all-important to buy an iPhone or iPad; the point of bodies affairs an iPhone or an ipad is aloof to appearance bodies that they can allow an iPhone or an ipad. Avidity is in everyone, but some bodies are aloof greedier than others. Affluent bodies tend to get greedier than others, and that explains why they are so rich. Adamantine assignment is appropriate acutely but they do not allotment usually, because they are afraid that their abundance will aback get stolen. The botheration is already bodies accept the money and power, bodies are activity to appetite added of those, and afresh those bodies would appetite to become richer than the wealthiest. When bodies get wealthier, some of them alpha analytical the bodies who they anticipate are account beneath than them. When in fact, anybody should be according it does not bulk if bodies are affluent or poor. Bodies crave for money; it is accept to crave for money aloof as continued as bodies do not about-face greedy. Because all of that adamantine assignment will abandon already that being gets buried. Ang 2 Ang 2 Researchers accept begin that countries with wealthier bodies tend to be happier than the ones who are poor. Affluent bodies can allow absolutely furnished abode that will accomplish them happy, but on the alternative hand, poor bodies can about alike allow abundant aliment to augment their own family; that would not accomplish them blessed will it now. Can money buy happiness? Yes, money can buy Ang 3 Ang 3 happiness. Money can buy bodies abundant achievement in life, but they aloof appetite added and more. Already a being gets what they appetite afresh that being will appetite added again, it is like a cycle. They appetite to accept added than what alternative bodies have, and it ends up as a antagonism of who’s the richest. When all that money spent on abortive items can be donated to charities with abundant added necessities. Money can buy beatitude in so abounding ways; like benumbed a aboriginal chic in the even or activity on vacation with the accomplished ancestors while blockage in a bristles brilliant hotel. In some cases though, money can alone buy beatitude in a abbreviate aeon of time. When bodies apart the being they love, they cannot buy that bodies life. What bodies can do in adjustment to balloon is to use a little bit of money to accept fun, like maybe affairs a pint of ice chrism or a box of chocolate’s ability acclamation a being up. Money additionally cannot buy love, a lot of bodies now are alleviative adulation as if it is a game, and all they are targeting is the money; so bodies should not get tricked by the ones who they anticipate absolutely loves them because bodies ability additionally use wealthier bodies for the money they have. Acceptable schools advance to brighter futures, and in adjustment to get into acceptable schools bodies charge to accept the money to get in; unless that being is acute and gets a scholarship. People usually appetite to go to all-embracing schools so that they can get into acceptable universities in the future, kids who’s parents do not accept abundant money usually get beatific to accessible schools area they do not apprentice as abundant as all-embracing schools, so acceptation they wont get into acceptable universities. Bodies who get into acceptable universities charge money or connections, unless they get a scholarship; this is area bribery comes in. Usually if a being is affluent they can sometimes aloof pay the arch abbot the bulk of money they appetite and aloof get in. Though a lot of bodies who do absolutely acceptable universities tend to become the millionaires in the end, such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Money is a action for a lot of people, why do bodies anticipate they appetite to go to a bigger university, its so that they can accept a job that pays well. Steve Jobs congenital the aboriginal Apple laptop so that he can prove to his accompany that his not aloof addition nerd. Back that went successfully, Jobs anticipation that that would advice him acquire some money, and money motivated Ang 4 Ang 4 Jobs to actualize added of the avant-garde technologies we accept today; such as the iPhone, ipad and MacBook. If money were not there to actuate bodies to assignment their brains, afresh the technologies would not accept been as avant-garde as they today. Bibliography: This website talks about a accumulation in the United States alleged the USAID who helps accommodate shelters or aliment for the countries in need. In this article, it talks about how USAID helps countries; they provided bags of bed nets for bags of Africans. This helps the commodity because my commodity mentions why money affects third apple countries, because money can buy them aliment and a abode to live. ”About USAID. ” USAID. N. P. , 11 Nov. 2011. Web. 1 Mar. 2012. This affiliate of the book is about greediness, how bodies are acceptable greedier because of money, and why money isn’t the best important affair on earth. Bodies alone anticipate about money, and they stop absorption on alternative important aspects in life, like ancestors and friends. This helps the commodity because it talks about how it makes bodies greedier because of money and how money will change the way bodies anticipate and act. Byrne, Rhonda. “The Secret To Money” The Secret. New York: Atria Books/Beyond Words, 2006. Print. This commodity is about how money can buy happiness. Researcher’s approved to see if wealthier bodies were happier than those who were beneath wealthy, and yes they were happier. This helps the commodity because one of my paragraphs talks about whether money can buy beatitude or not. "Can Money Buy Happiness? " CNNMoney. Cable News Network, 18 July 2006. Web. 11 Mar. 2012. This database is about how money buys about aggregate in activity and you charge money to survive. It talks about how you charge money to alive because accustomed you eat, and the alone way to get aliment is to buy it with money. It helps with the commodity because the commodity is about how money can about buy annihilation in life. Chamot, Dennis. “Money Matters. ” Chemical & Engirneering News. 2008 (Apr. 2008): 55. Pubs. Acs. Web. 19 March. 2012. This commodity is about how money is what is affective bodies try their best. It talks about the affidavit why bodies takes opportunities, its so bodies can acquire money from it. This helps because allotment of my commodity is about how money can additionally actuate bodies into accomplishing added work. The acumen why our technologies are advancing now is because of money, because money is what is blame bodies to do assignment or to assignment harder. Dewhurst, Martin. Guthridge, Matthew. Mohr, Elizabeth. Affective People, Accepting Beyond Money. " Mckinseyquarterly. Web. 11 Mar. 2012. Like the aboriginal citation, this commodity is about a accumulation in the United States alleged USAID that helps bodies about the worlds. Households adhere up mosquito nets is about USAID accouterment bags of bed nets for the families in East Africa and extenuative their lives from preventing Malaria. This helps the commodity because a allotment of the commodity is about how money affects peoples lives and the advisers of USAID are accepting paid my the government, so afterwards money, USAID would not accept any employees. ”Households Adhere Up Mosquito Nets. eastafrica. usaid. N. p. , 12 July. 2011. Web. 11 Mar. 2012. This book is about how a affluent dad did not accomplishment academy but became a millionaire, while the poor dad accomplished university but concluded up poor. It does chronicle to the commodity because it talks about how money is still what motivates a being to assignment hard, like the affluent dad in the book. What motivated him to absolutely academy was because he knew he was activity to be rich. Kiyosaki, Robert. Lechter, Sharon. Affluent Dad Poor Dad. New York City: Warner Books Ed, 2001. Print. This database is about how money adored a accustomed adversity that happened in California. Which accurate my affirmation of why money does save bags of lives, because afterwards money there wont be bodies allowance out in accustomed disasters, back they get paid for helping. Maggs Ward, William. “Money for quakes. ” Eos Trans. 70(45). Agu. Web. 19 March. 2012. This commodity is about why the association is acceptable unfair, and bodies are acceptable greedier. It additionally talks about how money does accomplish the apple go around, and why money makes bodies happy. It helps with the commodity because the commodity talks about avidity and how money affects happiness. Merkin, Daphne. "The Affluent Aren't Like You and Me... " Elle. 13 Sept. 2010. Web. 11 Mar. 2012.

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