World War I

Write a 4-6 book description of a distinct URL on the defined topic. Submit the appointment as a Word document.

Web Link Assignments should accommodate an addition to the armpit and a description, and/or evaluation, of it. Be specific. The key is that addition should be able to apprehend your access and apperceive whether this armpit is one that ability be accordant to their research. See the archetype beneath for a acceptable description.

Students are to chase the Internet for bookish accessories on the contest and causes that led to World War I. These can be primary or accessory sources but should appear from bookish sources. Recommended sites include: essays and accessories on the acceleration of bellicism and imperialism in Germany and the alternative above admiral complex in World War I; the acceleration of militarism in the decade afore World War I; Irish- and German-American acknowledgment to World War I; etc. These entries will accommodate a admired ability for your additional actual essay. Unacceptable internet assets accommodate but are not bound to: Wikipedia, online accepted advertence encyclopedias such as Encyclopedia Britannica, online dictionaries, and accepted advisory chase sites such as, etc.

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