World War 2

  Using Twitter rules (280 characters or less), assemble a four Tweet chat amid two of the altered perspectives (African Americans, indigenous Mexicans, Jewish refugees, associates of Congress against to broadcast civilian rights, and associates of Congress admiring of broadcast civilian rights) reflected in the week's Primary Source PDF.  You will charge to ad-lib Twitter handles for your two individuals, and in the Tweets you address you will charge to appear up with at atomic four altered hashtags (these can appear in your aboriginal column or in consecutive posts).  Both of your characters charge address four abstracted Tweets in your antecedent post, for a absolute of eight Tweets.  Retweets are alone accustomed if you add article new.  In this Twitter chat be abiding that your characters appraise the battle amid American war aims (to bottle and aggrandize capitalism abroad) and the abnegation of capitalism to indigenous and ancestral minorities aural the United States.  When you are authoritative your chase up posts for your minimum of three posts they charge additionally chase Twitter rules and abide in appearance for one of the four perspectives reflected in the readings. In anniversary chase up column your two characters (use the ones you created for your antecedent post) charge at atomic two Tweets each, or a minimum of four Tweets for anniversary chase up post.

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