World Religions Paper

World Adoration Paper (Rough Draft) By: Allison Workman The adoration that I acquire called for my address is Wicca. Wicca is the adoration of Witchcraft additionally referred to as the Craft. There are abounding belief that are associated with the Wiccan religion. Witches do not accomplish ride brooms and they are not “bad or scary” people. In actuality best witches are accustomed bodies we appear in acquaintance with every day. I acquire abstruse abounding absorbing facts in my weeks researching this religion. At this time my armpit appointment and account acquire not been completed due to ancestors medical problems with my source. However, the account and armpit appointment are both appointed for April 3, 2011 I will attack to abide a arbitrary of those by mid anniversary abutting anniversary for review. Compare and Contrast Wicca and Christianity are absolutely absolutely agnate in abounding ways. However, there are all-inclusive differences in the behavior of the parties as well. Both Christianity and Wicca acquire a attribute that is arresting aural the religion. Christians acquire the cantankerous that represents the afterlife of Jesus to ablution abroad the sins of mankind. Wicca’s attribute is the pentagram. Despite the letters to the adverse the pentagram is not the attribute of a Satanist; in actuality Satan does not alike abide in the Wiccan culture. The pentagram is the attribute of the four elements (water, air, fire, earth) and the sprit which draws them all together. Both religions acquire groups that adoration together. Christians alarm these congregations and they usually accommodated in a Church. When a accumulation of witches accumulate to adoration the accumulation is referred to as a Coven and they about convenance outdoors admitting not always. Some Covens will accumulate at the home of the High Priestess to worship. Meeting places will alter from Coven to Coven. Abounding of the Ethical and Social angle of these religions are agnate as well. The Wiccan Rede is “If it harms none, do what you will”. Christians about try to alive by the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would acquire them do unto you”. These two phrases acquire a agnate meaning. Both religions acquire that women and men are according in amount as animal beings. Both religions additionally acquire women in civil administration roles. All Wiccan religious groups acquire that women should authority religious administration roles as well; some denominations of the Christian faiths are accepting of this, but others still acquire that men should be the religious baton of the family/church. The cardinal of differences amid these two groups is abundant beyond that the similarities. One of the best notable is that Christianity is a monotheistic adoration and Wicca is a agnostic religion. While Christians adoration God. The Wiccans adoration the God and Goddess simultaneously. The Wiccan adoration is all about balabance so the adoration of the God and the Goddess signifies the balance, admitting the primary focus to a witch is the goddess. Witches acquire homosexuality absolutely area Christians acquire that homosexuality is a sin. Christians adoration every Sunday and Witches adoration on the 13 abounding moons of the years and additionally accomplish rituals on the Sabbats.

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