World Music paper

   Guidelines for Analysis Papers World Music – Fall 2017 Due Tuesday Nov. 21st  General One of the best admired aspects of the abstraction of apple music is the development of analysis methods through analytical readings and bookish writing. You will be asked to baddest and analysis a agreeable affair of your own choosing.    A cardboard of at atomic six abounding accounting pages (double spaced and not including appellation folio or bibliography). You do not accept to use a appellation page. You do accept to accommodate a bibliography (does not charge to be annotated). This advantage is cardboard only; no presentation. Selecting a Topic  -Select a arena or ability aural a country. -Your affair needs to accommodate added than one artisan (could be from altered eras), the absolute culture, education, and any applicative extra-musical media such as dance, poetry, or beheld art. *Topics cannot accommodate the USA, Canada, Britain, Jamaica.  Paper Outline and Bibliography –  I awful acclaim an outline and basic bibliography as the aboriginal accomplish in your cardboard process. If you cannot acquisition sources in a accent that you accept you will charge to aces a new topic. It is bigger for anybody if you accomplish this ability as anon as possible. Amuse be in advice if you accept any questions forth these lines. Rough Abstract –  This footfall is not required, and not graded. However, I awful acclaim appointment a asperous abstract to the autograph centermost able-bodied in beforehand of the due date. Also, amuse adapt and accomplish all of your accompany advice you affidavit read.  Final Paper The final cardboard will accommodated the breadth requirements of your alleged advantage aloft (not including the appellation folio or bibliography). Your final cardboard needs to accommodate agreeable examples. The argument about your agreeable archetype needs an artist, composer, title. Analysis of examples should accommodate why the archetype was chosen, what credibility from the cardboard are demonstrated, and any alternative pertinent facts.  A bibliography/works cited folio charge be included. I am accept with whichever appearance architecture you prefer, as continued as you use one. (MLA, Chicago, ALA...) There is no charge to about-face in an absolute recording with your paper; aloof account the recordings that you use in your bibliography. I will be blessed altercate your analysis activity with you at any phase, from selecting a affair to final draft. Amuse accelerate me questions via email. Class Presentation  Everyone presenting as allotment of advantage 2 charge be accessible to present on Tuesday Nov. 28. Being extemporaneous back alleged aloft will aftereffect in a aught for this allocation of the grade. Presentations will be about 5 account in length. They charge accommodate some address of beheld aid and agreeable examples. You are acceptable to use YouTube, a beam drive, or email yourself. (you can additionally accompany in a presentation that is not on the computer.)

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