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  Twentieth Aeon African-American Artists; Postmodern Architecture" Please acknowledge to one (1) of the following, application sources beneath the Explore branch as the base of your response: Choose two (2) of the afterward backward 20th aeon African-American artists, and analyze and adverse their art: Bearden, Lawrence, Basquiat, or Colescott. Call specific elements of the works from the called artists that represent the complication of the African-American experience. Identify one (1) of these works (or some alternative by an African American artist) that you would like in your workplace, and explain why. Choose one (1) archetype of architectonics that you accept best exemplifies the appropriate post-modern style. Provide a account for your selection, and call two (2) of the appearance of post-modern appearance that you acquisition intriguing. Explore: African American Artists of the Twentieth Century Chapter 35 (p. 1167) and Chapter 36 (p. 1180) on Jacob Lawrence Chapter 39 ( 1285-1286) on Romare Bearden Chapter 40 ( 1326-1327) on Jean-Michel Basquiat Jacob Lawrence, New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) at Romare Bearden video, San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art at Postmodern Architecture Chapter 40 (pp. 1312-1321) for examples of post-modern architecture Post-modern barrio of renown:

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