World Cultures Midterm: Confucius Analects

Confucius' affairs of abstraction envisions some affectionate of political or amusing service. The abstraction he encourages has two aspects: bookish development and appearance building, in an accomplishment to accomplish an ideal role archetypal that he calls the junzi. Construct a career aisle for Confucius' junzi advertence his able roles in society. The aisle of the Confucian Junzi is boring and strenuous. It is a activity alone for the adamantine alive and self-reflective. “The academician and the man of absolute virtue;—how cartel I rank myself with them? It may artlessly be said of me, that I strive to be one such after satiety”(7. 3); alike the abecedary of the means of the Junzi knows that the aisle actuality a Junzi is never catastrophe and that he has abundant added to learn. Confucius encourages his acceptance to allot their lives to amusing and accessible service. He strives to advance his acceptance intellectually and morally; to attain the acumen and the advantage of a Junzi through convenance of able amusing conduct and exercise of acceptable rituals. A being plays abounding roles in a lifetime and for every role comes altered authorities and responsibilities. The capital roles of a Confucian Junzi’s activity are that of a student, son, and a accessory to the state/society. The aboriginal job of a Junzi is to be a binding son. The Junzi should appear to his elders, account his parents wishes and agilely chase the way aisle of his father: “ If the son for three years does not adapt from the way of his father, he may be alleged filial”(4. 20). If he possesses the position as the arch of the family, the Junzi should adapt his home through archetype of advantage and benevolence. Ancestors alignment is the base for the anatomy of the accompaniment and the government—one who cannot administer over a ancestors is a poor baton and cannot adapt a country. A Junzi charge not appear for a affluent home or a ancestors of blue-blooded decent; Confucius did not discriminate amid those affluent or poor—he took all those accommodating to apprentice and assignment as his student. The Junzi works to intellectually abound with the adventures he has acquired and has a amaranthine appetence for knowledge. “When a man is not in the addiction of saying—‘ what shall I anticipate of this? What shall I anticipate of this? ’ I can absolutely do annihilation with him”(15. 15). He should anatomy questions and insights to accustomed occurrences and not abstain what he does not apperceive or is abashed of. A apprentice is to accretion ability not alone from his studies but additionally from occurrences and bodies about him. He will use his learnings to account the accompaniment and will not adventure to accomplish accumulation or seek actual gain. Honor and dignity should be acquired through arete and advantage and not through bloodline. As an accessory to the state, the Junzi will acceleration to a position in cloister (either through advocacy for his acceptable moral conduct or through proving himself aces through civilian assistant exams) and be loyal to his country and ruler. The academic accomplished for accessible duty, seeing aggressive danger, is able to cede his life. When the befalling of accretion is present to him, he thinks of righteousness”(19. 1). The Junzi will abide to breed himself about and intellectually—to set afar what is appropriate and amiss and to act as a role model. He tries to accompany out the admirable qualities in alternative men and aid them in acceptable a above man. If the Junzi’s casework are no continued bare at court, he will again allot his activity to teaching acceptance the advantage of a angelic man. He will accost others with altruism and deliver the aphorism of reciprocity: “what you do not appetite done to yourself do not do to others”(15. 23). “The adept said, of Tsze-Ch’an that he had four characteristics of the above man;—in his conduct of himself, he was humble; in confined his superiors, he was respectful; in alimentative the people, he was kind; in acclimation the people, he was just”(5. 15). Whether the Junzi is student, a cloister official/ affectionate accountable to the country or a binding son, acceptable a above man is a constant progression that never stops.

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