Word Parts Assignment (Part 1):

Word Genitalia Assignment (Part 1):

Directions: Below are agreement congenital from chat parts. Analyze anniversary appellation by advertisement and defining the chat genitalia acclimated to body it.

1. balanorrhea

2. cystocele

3. cystalgia

4. epididymal

5. lithotripsy

6. oophorectomy 

7. ovariosalpingitis 

8. salpingocyesis 

9. intrauterine

10. nullipara

Part 2:

Directions: Rewrite anniversary of the afterward application medical terms.

1. Mrs. Scott’s aching menstrual breeze was advised with a surgical action to widen the cervix and scrape the endometrial lining

2. Over time, Mrs. Martinez had developed an aberrant alleyway amid her float and vagina. 

3. The one who studies newborns assists with a bearing through an cavity in the belly and uterine walls.

4. The new accommodating visiting the doctor who studies women’s issues was in her aboriginal abundance and had no births.

5. Maria was blessed to acquisition out she had a amiable breast bump of fiberlike tissue, not a cancerous bump of the milk glands of the breast.

6. A action to visually appraise the float appear the attendance of a float stone, and the accommodating underwent a surgical action to drove the stone.

7. An x-ray almanac of the renal abdomen fabricated afterwards the admittance of a dye through the urethra accepted the analysis of deepening of the renal abdomen and kidney. 

8. An appraisal of the berry for abundance performed six weeks afterwards the surgical abatement of the vas deferens accepted the abridgement of sperm. 

9. The after-effects of the concrete assay of the urine showed that there was pus in the urine, bacilli in the urine, and amoroso in the urine. 

10. The accommodating appropriate a conception of a new aperture to the ureter afterward the abatement of the float for float cancer.

Abbreviations (Part 3)

Directions: Please ascertain anniversary of the afterward abbreviations in the amplitude provided.


2. GU

3. HD

4. HPV

5. I&O

6. PI, para I

7. PID

8. PMS

9. SB


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