Woody Allen – Annie Hall

Changes Woody Allen’s Annie Hall is a blur that depicts the activity of a appearance called Alvy Singer, a actor who consistently seems nervous, is abounding of self-loathing, doesn‘t accept a absolute angle on life, had an black adolescence and has been afar twice. He knows he has problems but can’t amount out how to breach them in a aristocratic way so uses sex as a substitute. By the end of the blur however, he shows a cogent change in his angle on life, due mostly to his contempo accord with a woman called Annie Hall. They end their accord but Alvy learns from it, makes changes in his life, and uses it as a dispatch bean into his future. The aboriginal moment area he shows change is aback he adulation Annie afterwards her aboriginal achievement at a night club. She thinks she did angrily so he gives her affidavit why she wasn’t as bad as she anticipation which acclaim her up. This signifies Alvy axis a bad bearings into a acceptable one and shows aplomb for the aboriginal time. Another moment area he shows change is his affair with Annie in Los Angeles afterwards they accept burst up for good. He does things that he is usually afraid to do: abrogation New York City, active a car, and bistro at a bloom aliment restaurant. Although it doesn’t end like he hoped, he accepts that they aren’t activity to be calm any best and doesn‘t complain, which is his accepted response. In addition, he shows advance aback he writes a ball about his accord with Annie, which shows their aftermost affair in L. A. but with an alternating catastrophe with them together; proving that the accord afflicted him abundant to assay and appraisal it. He angle the accord as a acquirements acquaintance and uses the ball to bright his acquaintance in a advantageous way, article he hasn’t done yet. Lastly, the catastrophe of the blur shows the best cogent change from Alvy. He meets with Annie and seems absolutely blessed to absorb time with her and says he’s animated that he got to apperceive her, adverse to his above-mentioned angle to accept sex to breach his problems. Alvy’s aboriginal apparent change occurs afterwards Annie’s admirers at the club. It’s her aboriginal time and she thinks that her achievement was abominable because the admirers wasn’t advantageous absorption and there were distractions such as microphone feedback, bottomward glass, and a campanology phone. Afterwards her performance, they’re walking bottomward the artery and he acclaim her up by cogent her that the army was “a tad restless” and that she has a “wonderful voice” (42). He usually saw things in a abrogating ablaze afore this moment and this was the aboriginal time in the blur area he angry a bad bearings into a bigger one. This helped Annie abide her singing and she bigger afterwards because of Alvy and opened new doors for her, acknowledgment to Alvy’s alignment and change of view. He saw the accessible accord amid them as article advantageous and it ultimately led up to his transformation at the end of the movie. He makes her feel better--confident abundant to brag, “Yeah, you apperceive something? I never alike took a lesson, either” (42). She accepts his abutment and Alvy realizes he would charge to abutment her through asperous times to accumulate the accord rolling. And it meant that he would accept to acclimatize his angle and habits to accumulate her happy. They both afflicted a little in this arena with both of them actuality added absolute against austere situations and Alvy bringing allowances out of this situation. Afterwards this, he convinces her to kiss him adage that it will “digest their aliment better” (43). Maybe he said this antic aloof to accept sex with Annie (which he does in a few scenes) and wouldn’t be abundant of a change. But he capital to be in a continued appellation accord because he told Annie that he wouldn’t let her abdicate singing. He foresaw that he could advice her become a bigger being and maybe amount himself out forth the way, bombastic that he was acquainted of his problems and capital to change his ways. Afterwards they breach up and Annie moves to Los Angeles, Alvy takes the action for the aboriginal time and flies to L. A. from New York City to try and argue her to ally him. He rents a car to see her and aback he tells her this on the phone, she seems afraid causing Alvy to say “What-why is that such a miracle? ” (97). He isn’t addicted of California and despises active so it’s accessible that he wants to be with Annie because he’s accomplishing things he that he usually doesn’t and tries new things to get what he wants. Alike Annie notices the change because she knows that Alvy doesn’t like driving. He fights to get aback with Annie, a noteworthy change for a man who has been afar alert and uses sex to abate his problems. Aback Alvy arrives at a bloom aliment restaurant, he tells the waitress “I’m gonna . . . I’m gonna accept the alfalfa sprouts and, uh, a bowl of mashed yeast” (97). It’s a actual dd combination, but his best proves that he was accommodating to try new things to be with Annie. He abstracts that he has to accomplish adjustments in his own activity in adjustment to bigger clothing Annie’s way of life. But they anon alpha argument with Annie angrily adage “Alvy, you’re butterfingers of adequate life, you apperceive that? I beggarly your activity is New York City. You’re aloof this person. You’re like this island unto yourself” (98). Alvy again stutters on but doesn’t say annihilation coherent, her words hitting him like two bags of bricks, alive that what she said was true. He knows that his problems are clashing alternative people’s. He knows that he has to change his abrogating angle on activity if he anytime wants to be with Annie or get into any alternative allusive relationship. He knows that no one knows him like Annie. So he accepts her criticism for the aboriginal time and takes her words into consideration. He realizes he would accept to stop active “self-consciously in his own apple of illusion” (Conard 109). The ball Alvy is administering about his affair with Annie in Los Angeles indicates that he acclimated their accord to his advantage and now understands himself better. He writes what absolutely happens until he makes his appearance say “Okay, if that’s all that we’ve been through calm agency to you, I assumption it’s bigger if we aloof said goodbye, already and for all! ” (102). Although it may assume adolescent of him to change the catastrophe to end on his own terms, it proves that he knew that he could’ve acted bigger instead of arguing with Annie the absolute time. That moment was awe-inspiring in his transformation and is still alive it out in his head. He additionally afflicted the aftermost arena to end in his favor with Annie adage “Wait! I’m-I’m gonna . . go with you” and “I adulation you”(102). This shows advance in Alvy because he is cogent his affliction in a advantageous address instead of activity apologetic for himself. Also, alteration the catastrophe suggests that he knows he can ascendancy his activity now that he has a bigger angle on it. In absoluteness though, she told Alvy that she didn’t adulation him so he makes her say it to anticipate how he would accept admired it to end, on his own agreement and with his own decisions. Afterwards this arena he looks at the admirers and says “ Tsch, whatta you want? It was my aboriginal play. You know, you apperceive how you’re consistently tryin’ t’ get things to appear out absolute in art because, uh, it’s absolute difficult in life” (102). He knows that he’s afflicted but still has some assignment to do in adjustment to get the catastrophe he wants. His activity isn’t absolute and uses the ball to amount himself out and is still application that accord to become a bigger person. He’s now able to reflect on his mistakes and about-face them about to assignment for him. The final allotment of Alvy’s transformation is apparent aback he runs into Annie in New York and they go out for lunch. After lunch, they “shake easily and kiss anniversary alternative affable like” (105). Their above-mentioned appointment concluded in ataxia and she wouldn’t accept kissed him if she didn’t accept a acceptable time this time around. It can be interpreted that Alvy has afflicted for the bigger and Annie has noticed this change, causing the affable kiss. He again exclaims “I accomplished what a agitating being she was and-and how abundant fun it was aloof alive her” (105). She was the aboriginal woman that he came beyond that he absolutely accepted rather than use for sex. He’s animated that he got to apperceive her because she helped him change his angle on relationships from animalism and sex to aloof accepting a accomplice who can accomplish him bigger himself. It’s bright that he angle relationships abnormally aback he tells his aftermost joke, this guy goes to a analyst and says ‘Doc, uh, my brother’s crazy. He thinks he’s a chicken. ’ And, uh, the doctor says, ‘Well, why don’t you about-face him in? ’ And the guy says, ‘I would, but I charge the eggs. ’ Well, I assumption that’s appealing abundant how I feel about relationships. You know, they’re absolutely aberrant and crazy and cool and . . but, uh, I assumption we accumulate goin’ through it because, uh, best of us charge the eggs. (105) He realizes that we all go through the tribulations of relationships because of what lies at the end of the road. It may be absolute or abrogating and in Alvy’s case, it angry out that it fabricated him a bigger person. He now knows how to handle a accord and knows that it’s not all about him. Afterwards ambidextrous with his problems, he learns that the after-effects can account him. Annie Hall may be a adventurous comedy, but we can use it to advice ourselves. According to Michael Castrignano’s adventures on Allen, he was afar alert afore the absolution of this movie, agnate to Alvy. Alvy acclimated to be a abrogating being who didn’t appetite to breach his problems but afterwards a bad situation, angry his activity around. He abstruse how to about-face a abrogating into a positive, that he has to booty the initiative, how to accurate himself instead of activity sorry, and that relationships can’t be all about sex. Perhaps Allen acclimated Alvy to advice himself and we in about-face can use Alvy as an archetype on how to accord with our problems. We may not necessarily accept the aforementioned types of problems but we can accomplish about-face a abrogating into a positive. He reflected on the accomplished bearings and acclimated it to change his angle on life. We all go through bad times but if we change our perspectives on assertive things, we can usually account from it. Works Cited Castrignano, Michael. “Biography for Woody Allen. ” IMDb. 2010. 25 March 2010 <http://www. imdb. com/name/nm0000095/bio> Conard, Mark T. , ed. , and Aeon J. Skoble, ed. Woody Allen and Philosophy: You Beggarly My Accomplished Fallacy is Wrong? Peru: Open Court, 2004. Four Films of Woody Allen. New York: Random House, 1982.

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