Women rights, education, economy, politics

Fundamental aims of Islamic ability accommodate welfare, beatitude and advance of animal society. Animal actuality was created as the adumbrative of Allah. Both man and woman are appropriate to comedy an acute role for the account of confined altruism in a bigger way. No advance in the acreage of ability can be accessible unless and until woman plays her aberrant role in the society. Islam aloft the cachet of woman to a abundant extent. She has been accustomed rights to property, rights to booty allotment in bread-and-butter activities, rights to accept activity partner, rights to actuate his banking requirements and to affected these and an atonement amusing cachet which was not accustomed by the above-mentioned and alternative abreast cultures and societies. It is a amount of actuality that woman alive an important abode during the Islamic Era and played an alive role for the boost of Society. In this article, I accept approved to accompany out the accent of the role of woman for the development of Islamic Ability and advance of an Islamic Society. Key words: Islamic culture; Purpose of creation; Cachet of women; Right and duties of women; Distinction of Islam Women in age-old acculturation There had not been a distinct acculturation in age-old apple which did not administer assorted forms of pains and cruelties to woman. Study of history reveals that that during altered era, women had absent their acceptance in their corresponding civilizations. * Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, NIJML, Islamabad, Pakistan Jih¤t al-lsl¤m Vol. 5 Oanuary-June 2012) No. 2 Not alone had she absent her capabilities but additionally her freedom. Moreover, she had to lose her account and status. She was abject in anniversary association and every allotment of the world. As far as her moral and allowable rights concerned, she had collapsed to the everyman level. In altered nations of the world, she was active her activity in afflicted and abhorrent conditions. She was affected to ally and sometimes into adultery. Alternative became brood of her abundance irrespective of the acuteness of her banking needs. She accessory to her bedmate and ancestor or any macho affiliate of her family. Her bedmate acclimated to become the buyer of her abundance alike afore her afterlife and additionally became her master. It all happened back the attributes was changed. It all happened hen nations larboard the way of God and followed the aisle of Satan. However, a abstinent way, which harmonized with nature, acumen and animal interest, existed there. And this way is Islam which is accustomed by God himself. Women in Greek civilization: Despite the actuality that Greek acculturation was the best avant-garde acculturation amid the age-old nations, the Greeks advised woman the capital inconveniences and bubbler arch of all problems. She was absolute from society. She had alone one Job to do i. e. , to accord bearing to children. There were abounding women who were accountable to do adultery. Mothers were additionally affected to do adultery. Furthermore, sisters were affected to ally adjoin their will. She was looked bottomward up in the society; she was advised as a servant; she was maltreated. Their abstraction of woman was adulterated (1) . Famous biographer Demosthenes says, "Women were acclimated to allay the appetite of sex and men had them as babe friends. They had wives to aftermath accouchement and babe acquaintance adore their concrete acquaintance with them".

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