WK6 Respond (2)

Elizabeth Shannon                                                          Bullying in Adolescence I chose to address about bullying. I apperceive there are abounding things I could accept chosen, but I feel blowing could never be talked about enough. I myself was a victim of alarming blowing and I accept a niece that is actuality traumatized appropriate now by this behavior. I acquisition it appalling, with all the advice out there, that we are still in crisis back it comes to bullying. I am acquirements that agents and academy administering are still aloof as baggy now canicule as they were back I was younger. I accept that it charge be adamantine to ascendancy a huge accumulation of kids, but it is causing abounding things to appear to the victim back no one is advantageous attention. We are seeing kids baste out and annihilate alternative kids. We are seeing kids booty their own lives. We are seeing agents advance the accusation on the parents and the parents advance the accusation on the teachers. It is everyone's accountability back no one stands up for addition that is actuality victimized. The abecedary that was to afraid of backfire from a acceptance parents if they footfall in and the parents who don't accept their adolescent could anytime be a bully. Why are we absolution this happen? Why did my sister in law accept to go to her daughters academy and abuse with acknowledged activity if the academy does not booty affliction of their blowing problem? Why are parents not advantageous absorption to what their accouchement are autograph on amusing media and argument messages. They alive beneath your roof. Do article to anticipate them from actuality the acumen addition takes their own life. There are so abounding things, as parents and educators, that we can do to stop bullying. It takes alone one actuality to footfall in and say abundant is abundant to advice out a child.  Elizabeth As a aboriginal adolescence drillmaster it makes faculty the affair I choose, I accept adolescent obesity. I chose it because of my history with it and alternative peoples as well. I did not appear from a low assets family, we were added of average assets family. I had siblings, four to be exact. I was the youngest of 5 and the I array aliment as added of abundance because of blowing and not actuality able to accomplish friends. I accept the what accouchement go through and I capital to address this cardboard to maybe advice atom added ablaze on this issue. I anticipate the best acumen so far on this cardboard I accept begin out is the focus of blubber and back it absolutely started to be a focus. Digging abysmal into the alpha of blubber has absolutely atom a ablaze on eveything. 

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