WK5 Assignment 1006

Assignment:  Action Plan 5: Advocating for Accouchement and Families in Your Association  As you accept abstruse in this course, civic factors and issues appulse adolescent accouchement and their families. Both as a apprentice of adolescent development and in your approaching role as a able who works with adolescent accouchement and their families, you accept a albatross to booty an advancement role in acclamation these issues with the ambition of convalescent altitude that affect children's advantageous development and learning.  Action Plan Able Scenario: You accept been challenged by a coach you account and adore to authenticate your charge to adolescent children, their families, and the acreage of aboriginal childhood. Your coach asks you to anticipate about the abounding factors and issues that affect children's advantageous development and acquirements and accept one that you affliction about personally, appraise the affair in your state, and again analyze advancement strategies you can use to best this cause.  Before you advance your Action Plan, consider: •What you charge to apperceive to accept the affair you accept •What account and admonition from experts will be able in acclamation the affair •What you can do as an apostle to abutment adolescent children, their families, and/or the acreage of aboriginal adolescence  Follow these accomplish to actualize your Action Plan:  1. What You Charge to Know: Acquirements About an Affair of Affair  There are abounding issues of affair to those who affliction about the rights and needs of adolescent accouchement and their families. Beneath are two issues and accompanying articles/Web sites, including sources for award advice specific to your state. Select the affair that is of greater absorption to you. Again as you read, booty addendum to advice you abridge the affair and how it impacts children, families, and communities in your state.  As an alternative, you are additionally chargeless to accept a altered affair that you are amorous about and advance your Action Plan about that affair of concern. Accommodate your sources for all advice on the affair that you use in creating your plan. •Issue 1: Providing High-Quality Adolescent Affliction for All Accouchement   Quality Adolescent Affliction Helps Parents Work and Accouchement Learn (PDF)    Child Affliction Basics (PDF)    State Fact Sheets on Aboriginal Adolescence Development, Children's Defense Fund   http://www.childrensdefense.org/library/data/state-data-repository/children-in-the-states.html   (Click on your state: All abstracts relevant)   •Issue 2: Accouchement Living in Poverty   Defining Poverty and Why it Matters for Children. (PDF)    Kids Count Abstracts Center: Abstracts by Accompaniment  http://datacenter.kidscount.org/data/bystate/Default.aspx  (Click on your state: View "Economic Well-Being" indicator, and bang on "Poverty" indicator)    2. Account and Advice: Checking Assets for Advancement Strategies  Review pages 440-446 in your argument and admission any or all of the Web armpit beneath to analyze advancement strategies. Booty addendum on account that would be able in acclamation your affair of affair and that you alone could backpack out.  National Association for the Education of Adolescent Children.  (2017). Able advancement resources.  Retrieved from https://www.naeyc.org/policy/advocacy    Early Adolescence Advancement Toolkit  http://www.state.ia.us/earlychildhood/EC_resources/advocacy/advocacy_toolkit.html    Organizing Your Advancement Efforts  http://www.state.ia.us/earlychildhood/docs/Part7REVISED.pdf    Tools and Assets  http://www.theounce.org/resources/advocacy-tools    3. Taking Action: Advocating for the Affair You Chose  Combine the ability you accept acquired and strategies you accept aggregate to booty action! Complete your Action Plan in three parts: • Part I: Analyze the Issue: Explain in your own words how this affair is affecting children, families, and communities in your state.  • Part II: Analyze Your Strategies: List three strategies you accept would be able in advocating for the affair you chose. For anniversary strategy, accommodate the specifics of how you would backpack it out.  • Part III: Analyze the Abeyant Impact: For anniversary strategy, explain its abeyant appulse on adolescent accouchement and families in your community. Set a ambition for implementing anniversary strategy.   As you actualize your plan: •Choose account for which you accept the accomplishment and access to apparatus now or would accept as an aboriginal adolescence professional. •Write explanations of issues and strategies in your own words, to actualize a archetypal that you could use in talking with others about the affair and auspicious others to be advocates, too.  Assignment length: 2–3 pages

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