WK4 Content Review

  Content Review Directions: Respond to anniversary item. Anniversary acknowledgment should be abridged and amid 2 paragraphs in length. Use MS Word to address your responses, and abide your answers to all three questions in one Word document. Copy and adhesive anniversary catechism aural the document, so that your Instructor can see which catechism you are responding to. Children advance attitudes through interactions with and acknowledgment from the bodies in their environments. Ultimately, these attitudes appulse the development of values. Review the assorted influences on attitude development explained on pages 425-430 of your advance text. Choose four of these influences and altercate how anniversary adeptness accord to the development of prejudice. Review the area on self-regulation on pages 453-455 in your text. Consider the factors that access a adolescent child's adeptness to self-regulate. Why is self-regulation important to children's success in academy and in life? What changes in today's apple adeptness abutment or abate adopting this basic adeptness in children? Explain your point of view. Peers, school, media, and association are some of the influences on children's apperception of gender roles. Pages 430-436 in your argument explain the abyss and across of these influences. Choose two influences that are of best absorption to you, and explain how anniversary access can advance to banal behavior, or "sex typing." For anniversary influence, analyze means that you as a able can apostle for added gender-neutral behavior or adjoin sex typing.

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