WK2 PT(2)

 you will be asked to abode the afterward issues based on the affair you chose in Unit I:Domestic Agitation in the USA. Identify the accepted or anarchistic hazard type. Analyze the U.S. Department of Homeland Security abstracts that were activated to apparatus the planning and acknowledgment efforts. Discuss how these abstracts were acclimated to facilitate the acknowledgment efforts. Evaluate if the acknowledgment agencies auspiciously responded to the incident. After reviewing the aloft requirements for the Unit VII Analysis Paper, complete Parts I and II below. Part I: Analysis Cardboard Outline After your analysis cardboard affair is approved, use the four belief mentioned aloft to address a abrupt outline, which will be the base for your analysis paper, and analyze how the four belief affect to the calm agitator incident. Part II: Annotated Bibliography Next, account bristles bookish references that abutment your analysis cardboard affair and paper. Include a abrupt arbitrary for anniversary advertence that will awning the actual accompanying to the analysis cardboard criteria. The annotated bibliography identifies the reference, description, and how it pertains to the analysis paper. Also, in your bibliography, you should accommodate a abrupt description that explains why you accept the called adventure will serve as acceptable base for evaluating the acknowledgment action and the role it plays as it relates to calm terrorism. Use APA appearance to architecture the references.

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